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Week: 3 – All systems go

Making markets work for the poor

- Solidaridad Tag Line. 

So far so good. Progress is moving along nicely with our planning and research phase. Defining two distinct actions which needed to happen we divided tasked during one of our sessions end of last week. A group combing the annual report for unclear statements and things which needed further clarification on the communications side. The other group focuses on the questions directly for Maarten (the contact within the NGO). These questions aimed mostly at targeting the direct needs of the customer (NGO) and the challenges they face with the system. Our timeline for this week is to confer with Group 6 and see where our questions match up so we can do a combined meeting with the NGO. 

Furthermore this week, we are looking into our digital profiles and the specific fluencies and skills we have with online technology. Most relevant to our NGO’s problem would be my experience with communication networks and organization on large scales. Like most of my generation - our fluency in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc etc etc - is commonplace.

These social systems as great in that context, but they do have serious flaws in a business context: mainly security. It would be hard to believe that most - if not all people - have at least a basic grasp of how to use these sites now, since user-friendliness has become very important in the last several years. Other technologies which i have experience with would be virtual video communications such as Skype and FaceTime (and now Google Hangouts!). Also collaborative online programs such as Prezi and GoogleDocs i have frequently used in the past. I have used Prezi since it was first released so I am more then happy to share with anyone the tips and tricks. 

Not typically online tools (but extremely effective in combination with online tools), but I also do have a large range of experience with all forms of creative softwares. InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Sketch-Up Pro, Auto-Cad, and also VisSim (a physics based testing program). All of these skills would be easily teachable to anyone interested in them! It never hurts having something that looks good and just doesn’t function as a simple visual aid. Thing which look nice will gain more attention inherently which is why i think it is important for designers to not just be able to quickly sketch by hand, but to also be able to design and create graphs and illustrations quickly too.

I guess thats about it for this week. Hopefully will get in contact with our NGO finally and start getting the answers we need to punch forward with this assignment and as far as our NGO’s unmet need goes, I think it’s important to get a proper understanding of the Druppal system, which is why this week I will be working more and more on understanding not just what it is but how it works and how we can use and improve on it. 

- Conor Thompson 

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