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week2 assingment

After first few minutes of our project community classes, I felt very confused. I didn’t actually know what we are expected to do and how we are  going to fullfil the assingment, it was little bit like magic to me. But when we sat together, with my awesome group (7), and took some time to do research and read about NGO, everything started to be more clear and I realized that together we are going to achieve the goal.

I think that the goal of project community classes is to realize how important is teamwork, how many more opportunities and ways of facing the challenges given it allows us to discover. Also, we will be able to learn many things about communities and network, how to create one, how it works and how helpful it can be in exchanging ideas, experience and communicating with each other. And that is what I would really like to learn as I’m not so good in it (for now I hope).

What I would also like to learn is to express my mind in public and to share my ideas with other, because it’s still a bit stressfull for me and I find it awkward (I guess I’m a bit afraid of other’s critic).But I hope that working in team and the whole idea of project community classes will help me change it.

As it goes to the outcome of our project, I would like it to be the best one (of course :)), also I would like it to show how much work we had to put in that and that we can work as a team. What is more, NGO, that we are going to ‘work’ for should be satisfied with the result of project.

I think, that I am hardworking person and I always try to do my best, so this would be my contribution to the project.

I think that this assingment will really give us a chance to get to know each other and also learn from other’s experience or knowledge.

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One comment on “week2 assingment
  1. Maarten Thissen says:

    Nice first post! What do you expect of others during this project?

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