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Going into this week’s kick-off I wasn’t sure what to expect starting a new major in an unfamiliar country. However, after meeting my peers over the week and getting an idea for how we will operate together, I felt much more comfortable with what we will be doing over the next few years.

The interviewing and teamwork activities we did gave me an insight on what roles individuals tend to play in groups, a look into their diverse personalities and backgrounds, and an opportunity to make new friends. Everyone in the program has different qualities the group can tap in to, for example, I can contribute public speech skills.

Although there was not much focus on the detailed structure of the individual classes, I achieved a firmer grasp on the overarching concepts and theories that will remain constant themes throughout our university careers. In the future I am eager to learn how to structure and manage an online community to make a concrete contribution to a design project.

Although we have only just started our project we hope that we will successfully fabricate a visual plan for an Internet social platform that is efficient, user friendly and seamlessly connects Solidaridad’s 10 organizations with pertinent content. Overall, I have been increasingly optimistic about this course and I am excited about taking classes unlike any others I have taken thus far. 


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2 comments on “Beginnings
  1. Maarten Thissen says:

    ‘Increasingly optimistic’, that is an interesting way of saying things

  2. Marcelo says:

    I agree on the part that there was a big emphasis on the team work part and not much on the individual part, which is also always nice to work on.

    great post, looking forward to your public speaking skills

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