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Thank You all.

I’m starting to write this blog and thinking. It’s over? Latest blog? The end of a long, endless Monday? Probably so. But I have to what I two months ago wouldn’t even think to say.

I’ll miss this !

I remember the beginning, who caught only one word: Chaos. I feel like it was yesterday. No one knew what to do, all filled with a sense of unease and uncertainty. But today, our hourglass are almost empty and we can no longer follows the last grains of sand that slowly but surely completed the first stage at this school.

What is going on here? - We often asked, during the long and unorganized google hangouts.

But now we are at the end of a new beginning, turned about-face and see our tracks we leave.

Let’s decipher them.

  • At the beginning I see the shortcut NGO. Honestly, I did not know what it is. However,  I already know. Thank you.
  • Next, I can see ‘Technology Stewardship’ - Yes. Technology. In fact, I felt like at home in. I have reviewed and reinforced the importance of technology as in normal everyday life and in work and communication also. 
  • Crowd-sourcing. For me again, hitherto unknown concept. But this lesson has helped us realize our position and role in the project.
  • Teamwork. I remind this class, as one of the most valuable for us, as a group. It helped us to understand the power of group-work and taught us to use it the most effectively.
  • Crowd-funding followed. For me personally, the most valuable and most inspiring among all.
  • And at the end, one of the most important topics which was Marketing. Marketing is all around us and is part of everything. I dare say that in many cases is the key. ( Simple idea of quality marketing can make a hole in the world and vice versa with bad marketing we can sink even the best of them.
  • And now we are here and there is only the last task. Will present our work, efforts and thoughts to client.

But. The question is. 

What is the one most important thing have you learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design?

What is the most important thing ?

That’s clear for me.The most important thing is awareness of what our online communities and networks offer and permit. It’s an almost unlimited amount of information, ideas and also inspiration. Speed​​, clarity, accessibility of information! But! The simplicity is essential! I learned a long time ago just like it confirmed. Communication is to be direct and clear. Information served to make them comprehensible and easily understandable. So we can avoid misunderstandings and confusion.

Considering all you have learned and experienced through our classroom time and your work for your clients, what are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks?

My Design principles ?

Yes. I have them. These are the words which I deeply enthusiastic in myself and who are trying to to follow the, whenever I do something / product. Design is the only way to communicate with people. People need to understand you. Needs a clear message read by every product of carries. The message is encoded in a single word-Design-

People still do not like things they do not understand. Quite the contrary. Do they ??

Maybe I can consider these  ten principles for good design of Dieter Rams , as mine as well. 

Finally in this blog I would like to express a big frankly Thank You to Marteen for guiding, tutoring but mostly for his positive energy and the mood which brings to our group and of course to 8 great, awesome people whom I had the honor during these 2 months to get to know.

I am glad that I can say that Project Community gave me really a lot. As new knowledge, experience, overview of the most forward word friends. It was fun and useful experience, so I look forward to more projects!

And for you to prospective students. Start will be messy but life is not always easy. That each of us knows. So what tips would I give to prospective students? Be prepared! And enjoy your ride!


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2 comments on “Thank You all.
  1. Nancy White says:

    Well, this is a “better late than never” appreciation for a great summary/last post. I was smiling all the way through. I hope you enjoy the inspiration of the wide network in your design work. Thanks again


  2. Tianzixuan says:

    I can’t agree more about the feeling from the start until now. Actually, we just had a clear overview about our project like five or four weeks ago. One main reason caused this situation is less communication. So when you do next project it is better to communicate more at the beginning.

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