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Thank you !!!

I cant believe this is the last blog post..
Solidaridad, don’t leave uuuussss!

What is the one most important thing have you learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design?
The most important thing i learned in project community is that online communities and networks are our allies, today everyone is connected to the web, (some of them 27/7) We, open innovators, shall make good use of our social networks, wheter its for self promotion or recieving feedback, it is really powerful when you know how to use it, this course opened my eyes to it.

What are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks?

I will pick 3 of the 10 principles listed by Dieter Rams.

  • Good design is inovative
    Everyone knows that, but very few can be trully innovative, for a social network/intranet to be inovative, it cannot be a copy of existing ones
  • Good design is honest
    please solidaridad, do not EVER consider putting advertisement on your network, it makes me sick how successfull websites sell pixels for ugly ads theses days
  • Good design is as little design as possible
    This will be forever in my head, in 2008 when i first joined a graphic design school in Brazil, i had this asian teacher, almost 100 years old (as he likes to remind) who is a trully master in visual methodology, he reminds me of Mr.Miyagi from Karate-Kid in every aspect, and every single class he would repeat his famous phrase: “Less is more”

What would you tell next year’s class about the course?
You WILL feel lost in the first week, for sure, but don’t panic! Focus on the weekly tasks and blog posts and everything will be fine. Do your own research, even if you divided tasks in your group and someone else is already researching that subject, do it for yourself, learning doesn’t hurt, after reading about something you feel more confident to discuss it with your colleagues.

What are your tips for getting the most out of it?

Do it for yourself! While researching for this project i’ve come across amazing content rich websites, even if something is irrelevant for the final project but is interesting somehow, save it to your favorites folder, take notes, write about it and stick to your wall. GET INTO IT. This project will end at some time and you will miss it, but it always depended on you to go after knowledge, be curious for life.

How will it be valuable as you continue your path through the IDE program?

As i said earlier, it opened my eyes to the use of social networks and many other things like marketing strategies, i will never forget what i learned in this module, also, the fact that we didn’t pick our group, made me interact more with people out of my little circle.

It’s already on the title, but again, THANK YOU ALL, i’m missing it already.

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One comment on “Thank you !!!
  1. Nancy White says:

    I love your “DO IT FOR YOURSELF” advice. Perfect. That is the sign of a real learner. You gave me a great smile as I read it.

    Thanks again for being part of Project Community!


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