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It’s The Final Countdown

Yes, it has arrived. The fated time has come.
We are nearing the end of our course.
Buckle up for the final countdown, this will be the last ride.

Over the course of this course, I have learned much more than initially predicted. I could write you an essay regarding every dirty little detail, but let’s keep this relevant to the task.
Foremost: What is the most important thing I have learned regarding utilizing online communities ?

Online communities and networks are double edged blades.
There can be no doubt about the amount of incredible information, ideas an aspiring open-innovator such as I will gain from using these modern opportunities.
However, therein lies the problem as well. An excess of information leaves much to doubt about the authenticity of given information. Or relevancy of information, where the gems are hidden beneath the dirt.
Therefore, one should always choose carefully. “Where to ask it”, “When to ask it”, “Whom to ask”, and “How to ask.”

And in this process, I have also set myself some design principles to be noted when designing and fostering a online community, or network:

A thoroughly well structured website, to be easily loaded, accessed. It shall not have to be burdened by unnecessary gimmicks, yet shall not prevent:

The website has be greatly forthcoming towards the individual needs and liking of each individual user.

A clear structure to clearly allow groups of  their own interests to meet, share discuss etc.

A website which intrudes with the life of the user is a website to be destroyed. The one community to strive, is the one to integrate subtly with the lives of the users.

A online community that closes it’s borders shall one day run out of ideas. Opening borders, welcoming new users into the network allows people to feel home, to feel appreciated. To stay.

Lastly, an online community must also want to stay, and build up as one The very design of the website must feel all of above, it must make everyone feel home, to want to log in and see what other family members have said. Only so can it withstand the test of time.

We are nearing take off. This is the last check before the take-off. Looking back, what can I share with the next generation ?
This course is going to be confusing. Many obstacles will be laid upon your way. Not every task will make sense, and even when they did, some were useless for the big picture: the customer’s needs ( task ).

I will lay it upon the next generation to focus on the biog picture. Should one try to include everything or every detail into the answer, it will entangle.
Clarity first, thoroughly bend every nook and canny of the task given upon you. Make sure everyone understood the task.
Communication and preparation is key. Speak to your peers, your tutors. Prepare in advance, be ahead. It allows mistakes or unnecessary details to be fostered out earlier.

Yet as negatively I might have made it sound, certain details of this course will stick to me, as they are important to me.
Copyright, experience with a customer and problems thrown into array. Working together as groups. This will help me grow, for a better future. 

And for now, this is the final countdown. The last show on the road before we move on our path towards a future we design ourselves.
This. Is. “The Final Countdown”

See you along the road chaps.

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One comment on “It’s The Final Countdown
  1. Nancy White says:

    Ah, now you have given me a challenge to go back to all the activities and figure out which ones were worthless for the project work (unless, of course, you want to give me a hint.) I’d like to clean those up! 🙂

    Thanks again for being part of Project Community!


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