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Final Week

This Week’s class

It finally week 8, final week to prepared and complete our presentations. We were given a presentation on ways to present our work but group 6 is one step of the game. Our presentation and script is near completion but we came across one issue. We recently discovered that the length of the presentation has to be maximum of 5 minutes but we preparing to present a 10 minute presentation. We had to restructure and reduce our content to fit into a 5 minute time period. We also assessed out current presentation and realized it was not very original as we just used a popular template, so we came up with a more original theme that will fit nicely with the reduced content we now have. Because our presentation has to be a developing story, our new idea is to have a train ride and each section of our presentation will be divided into train stations until we get to our final destination. We are also working on using animations to make it more interactive and enhance the experience of our viewers.

Class was very productive, as we all seemed to be more motivated to finally complete this project. We all had our certain task to complete. We had some reducing the current script, others finalizing the proposed advice and myself with Gregory were generating ideas and creating our new presentation format. Final task is to record the narrator’s voice and put it over it and fit our reduced content onto our new presentation platform.

Through your research, what is the one most important thing you have learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design?

From the 8 weeks, the most important theme or idea that I have meant is to take advantage of online communities and network. I believe to be successful you have to start to develop your online community before advancing with your project.

It is apparent that your online community is just as or even more important than your offline community. The new world and society are rapidly advancing and moving into the cloud within the digital age. It has become mandatory to seek your customers, stakeholders and other community members over the World Wide Web. It allows for another method to hear from more customers and stakeholders. You always have the ability to communicate and share with your online community where and when ever. Because of the shear size of the Internet, your audience is greater and has the capability to always grow at an unprecedented rate with the aid social media (communicating and sharing). With this greater audience, the chances of success are higher as your ideas become for accessible and help is always there. It is almost like a free marketing fool. You are provided with a rich, vibrant and versatile society giving you a greater option of choice. It doesn’t matter what method (crowdsourcing, crowd funding online marketing) is used to aid your project, the main message is to use them to their full potential with the aid of online communities and networks. It is a faster, simpler and more accessible method of connecting with your community. I believe that this is the future of successful innovative design and development.

Considering all you have learned and experienced through our classroom time and your work for your clients, what are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks? Don’t know what design principles are?

Even though the community is over the Internet, it is important to understand that technology does not develop communities but helps create a framework that shapes the community toward the specific goal. My design principles that I would implement include: Maintainability, Accessibility and Simplicity.

All product and services require updated and improving, as the design process is a cyclical procedure. Too keep your current customer base and grow your community at the same time, advances have to be applied at a regular bases to enhance your product. This will develop your online community and will request your community to keep on asking for more.

Accessibility is an important principle as this determines how easy it will be for your community to get their hands on your product. The more accessible your product is, the larger your community will be.

Simplicity is a major factor that must be taken into consideration when trying to develop your online community. Customers are not willing to in effort to learn how to use your product, so the simpler your product is, the rate in which your community with grow will increase.

Advice for next year students

The beginning might be confusing and unclear, Try to get a grip on what the task as soon as possible. Ask your tutor as any question as you can as they will guide you though most of the course. Since there will be a great number of members in each team, set yourselfs roles and targets. The key is to be vocal and communicate with your group member and tutor and much as possible. Learn to work as a collective team.

As this is the last blog for this module, I like to say thanks to my fellow group members for putting in their effort and working collectively together. Also thank you Maarten for helping us with your advice and guiding us through is project.

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One comment on “Final Week
  1. Nancy White says:

    Luca, nice final reflection. I was wondering a bit about your writing about the “audience.” It seems to me that online communities and networks move us from the idea of message–> audience, to people interacting, creating their own messages. Which is pretty (and often wonderfully) disruptive. What do you think? Are we doing away with the concept of audience in this context?

    Thanks for being part of Project Community


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