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Final round

In today’s blog I would like to come back in time and remind our beginning.

Time fled as water and we already have a seventh week .

Wow ! Frankly, it’s a pleasant feeling. I look back and I see the tracks that we have left behind .

What to say ?

 The Feeling of confusion and despair was replaced by enthusiasm and 100 % concentricity, the word individual  was replaced by the words cooperation and team and finally,  I am glad that I can say that the word Group also changed to word Friends .

Seven weeks really gave us a lot but now it’s time for another question. Do we have, what to give and offer to our clients ?

I hope this will go to the task this week and write Which of the themes we’ve been looking into so far will be of the most use towards our goal of solving the unmet need of NGOs .

From all the themes That we have been looking at : technology stewardship - crowdsourcing - work teams - crowd funding and this weeks ’ - marketing , I would like to point out crowdsourcing , as the most useful towards our goal in solving Solidaridad ‘s unmet need .

Why ?

The most what we can do for Solidaridad , is to do a thorough and sophisticated research, thanks to we are able to pass some helpful hints in order to improve their internal social platform .

Why is crowdsourcing to my mind so special ?

  • Firstly because, it provides a very inexpensive and in some cases very high quality assistance / the client will receive new ideas and plenty of feedback or advices, which will definitely (( in Solidaridad )) -  speed up the design process 

  • Secondly because, crowsoursing offering something as perfect as - Cultural Diversity - in other words, in my opinion, very useful just for our client, which is a company Solidaridad with international realm .

              Diversity of opinions and attitudes to the problems and needs.

               There are some specific needs, which may not have been considered by those of another culture , so it can helps to promote the company internationally , since the product will be able to reach out and meet international requirements and not just a small group of people 

  • Thirdly because, crowdsourcing is also a great way to communicate with your current and potential customers ; ( You Consider Their opinions and feedbacks , which allows to build a better relationship between )

However, there is just one more thing.

I’m not the only one who feels that our NGO does not use our services to the maximum. From the first day we have a communication problem, which quite changed the process in designing the solutions and the whole projekt became more difficult.

They promised us a full demo of Drupal site which we could test it and gain insight into what our client really want and expect so at the end we will able only to advice some specifications that we believe are relevant to this product.

I hope that the situation will change soon which could remarkably accelerate our work and I believe that IN THE END,  we will be able to offer the client what he really calls for.

After all, it is our aim!

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2 comments on “Final round
  1. Maarten Thissen says:

    Well done, like last week’s. It would help me even appreciate your posts more if you could clearly indicate the quotes and/or links.

  2. Katinka says:

    Nice structure of your thoughts. I enjoyed reading your blog because I have similar opinions and sights…for example, I would have really appreciate if we had the possibility to look at the Drupal clone and I believe we could have worked more precise if that had been the case..but I also learned that it is central to ask the right questions to the NGO, because it is not our task to try to guess what they want but more to ask precisely and back up our ideas with them.

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