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You just need an idea.

Hello all .

Another week is over and it is time once again to think about new thoughts and connect the dots together .

In today’s blog I am going to write about crowdfunding. At this point , I think everybody knows what that mean , so I will just go straight to the point .

I think crowdfunding is currently experiencing a huge boom ! I remember when I first got in touch with crowdfunding . It was about a year ago and I was impressed .

I have never met with anything like that before.

It seemed so amazingly simple ! You just need an idea . Not common, but something truly original, unconventional ,new and interesting . In my mind  streamed ideas that could be summed up in a simple pattern:

Idea - Crowdfunding - Success !

However , I realized that it’s not that simple. I’ll try again expressed by the pattern , as I see it now .

Idea + Team + Money + Hardwork + Final product ( at least prototype of it) + perfect and atractive presentation ———->        Crowdfunding + little / less luck + the risk of stealing the idea ———->      Success ! !

In addition , my first contact with Crowdfunding was when I discovered the site . As I mentioned , I was amazed at what opportunities this site offers people . It’s a great way to turn your dreams and ideas into reality . The idea can come for free , but for transformation into reality, we need money and this is that place !

On the other hand , with a lot of benefits of crowdfunding there comes some disadvantages . Each month has its far side .

Skip right to the greatest of them .So how it is possible to steal a phone , it’s also possible to steal the idea , which may in some cases has the price of gold . Every single designer or inventor  facing the fear of this . Each of them had previously considered whether it is willing to take this risk .

This is the main point, where some designers diverge in their opinions to crowdfunding .

They are not willing to take such risk and they are trying to find other ways of financial support such as individuals or investment groups . I think it is one of the most demanding ways of funding , especially nowadays but much safer .

Other, who are up to crowdfunding , bet everything on one card, either - or. 

I think that , crowdfunding can also be useful in other ways , such as response people . Successful crowdfunding is only proof that your idea is good and people like it, so it helps with questions like : Is the idea worthy of investment ? ! Will people like it? 

 Next, I would like to mention another benefit:  

  • advertising 
  • reaching out to potential customers

People will decide what they really want to and what not , what they will support and what not . It’s like they’re creating products themselves . And even on those principles crowdfunding works . People do not know what they want until someone proves them !

I spend some time browsing the internet , and looking for some good and popular examples of crowdfunding , and I must say WOW ! I did not know that there are so many websites and different campaings related to crowdfunding .

Thousands of people share Their unique ideas , solutions or even dreams in order to get people’s attention and some money to start .

To my mind , this is just proof that it works and CF is gaining popularity . The question is clear , for how long ?

Will see.

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