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According to Merriam-Webster, the dictionary, crowdsourcing is “the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas,
or content by soliciting contributions from a large
group of people and especially from the online community
rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.”

Things evolve, and so does business practices.
You want to know what your target group think about your project/idea, but have no time for researches? Why not ask them directly?

We all know the old adage “two heads are better than one.” 
Yea, and what about thousands of heads? 

The concept is a simple and brilliant way to solve problems and increase production time, you can even take advantage of your social networks, just go in facebook and create a pool, and you’re already crowdsourcing.


  • You get feedback while still designing.
  • Waste less time with researches and goes right to the point.
  • Saving time = saving money, that could be spent the wrong way.
  • Diversity of views from different cultures.
  • And thebest, IT’S FREE !!!


  • You’ll get quantity not quality. (if you’re looking for the best answer rather than the right answer, crowdsourcing might not be the way)
  • People can be mean over the internet, marketing campaigns can turn into big failures if the crowd decides to ‘troll’ it.
  • You can’t apply it to everything. Designing a logo for example, branding may be very personal some times and require professionals to do it. (GAP tried to change their logo by crowdsourcing some time ago, but quickly changed back to the original)

What about crowdfunding?
To be short, it’s a crowd-sourced fundraising. 
Individuals or organizations present their ideas (usually by making a video) and the crowd may support the proposals by funding them. Simple as that.
Kickstarter is the first crowdfunding website i heard of, and it appears to be the most famous.

This hole thing is trendy now, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, crowdtalking, whats next? Let’s make good use of it for the time being :)

See ya

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