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Week 6: Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding

Reflection on today’s class

This week’s class was more productive than usual. We had a brief team meeting before class to discuss on the misunderstandings and problems each individual face in the group. It let off plenty of steam for some and allowed certain individuals to get some things off their chest. Improvements on the way our team our team functions were introduced and have been working to a positive affect at the moment but its too early to come to conclusions. We implemented a new way of communicating through the Internet as well as sharing files, as one issue was that some team members were not updated with the project with the latest files. Facebook was not an optimal option.

During the sixth week class, our theme was croundfunding where we had to research on how it might be beneficial to our project. We looked into different types of crowdfunding as well as successful cowdfunding website.

Group was also updated on the final presentation and feedback was finally received. Progress was made with the presentation and the script as the whole group finally to view it. Another helpful term we came across though Maarten’s presentation was “killing your darling” which is basically means throwing away the cool/exciting but unhelpful items from the project. This is great, as we don’t have to mentions all the themes and extra ideas that were taught in the course making our final presentation shorter, more precise and importantly, added benefit to the client.

I believe that our group members now have a better understand of the task in hand and our teamwork will be more effective and efficient.

Now that you have explored crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, reflect on your sense of the usefulness of these options.

Both of methods of gaining assistance from the community are beneficial is aiding your project but it depends on the specific task and what is needed.

Crowdsourcing is where work, ideas and needs can be done and found through a crowd, usually online community. This method and can people loads of time and money and they don’t have to employ a dedicated professional. There are also a high number of people willing to do your task at any time. The main disadvantage to this is that the task may not be completed to a high standard. It also takes a lot of time manage to direct your crowd members. For t Solidaridid, I believe that is can be useful is some area but not others. I am have seem that Solidaridid have already been using crowdsourcing with their “Thunderclap campaign” as they trying to get the message across on how sugarcane can change the world. They have nearly reached their goal with the number of supporting them message, which can be called a success. In our specific project of how Solidaridad can connect with its community better though online social networks, I believe that crowdsourcing can be useful and have a positive affect. There is a possibility thats it can increase Solidaridad community base, which can increase their acceptance which leads to growing their business. Crowdsouring can also increase the rate and effectiveness of the development of its own social networking platform. More people can give their inside/opinions on improvements and multiple individuals can implement these new/enhanced ideas.

Crowdfunding one the other hand is where a project or a plan can be summited to the crowd though the Internet and for the interest of the community, they can aid your project. There are websites like such as Crowdfunder where aids are investment based where consistent amount of aid comes in and are great for small business to get a kick-start into their work. Websites like Kickstarter are donation based where anyone can bring something to the table. The advantages to both methods of crowdfunding are that it can give capital without loans, they is also not much risk involved as it is free to let up and finally it acts as a free marketing fool with is very helpful. To Solidaridad, I believe that crowdfunding may not be so useful. This is because is a well-established firm and doesn’t need aid from the community but aids its community. Even if did, it would be an unbeneficial amount. In our specific project, crowdfunding would not help as Solidaridad already has a development team for its Drupal site.

What do you see as the pros and cons of crowdsourcing in design? Give your reasons for your responses.

In the area of design, crowdsourcing has the ability of enhancing the design process. Even from the very start, and idea can go out to the crowd and suddenly an unmet is found. With such a large audience, the rate in needing a unmet need can increase. Also with the diversity of the crowd, research can be a much easier and cost efficient process as your sourcing for secondary data is endless. Also with primary data, multiple tasks can be given to large amounts of collect data. When it come to the actual designing, evaluating a design is enhanced as a multitude of feedback is given which also help designer with the development of the chosen design. Evaluating the finish product to a given crowd can be a better idea compared to putting out into regular consumers as it give the design another chase to improve on their designs.

Ultimately, it has a positive impact on the design process if used correctly with the appropriate crowd.

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One comment on “Week 6: Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding
  1. Marcelo says:

    Really liked that you pointed out things about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding in the NGO but jut because they are well-established doesn’t mean that they don’t need any more money, it’s aways going to be beneficial, and they can invest it in many ways, for example, their intranet page isn’t ready yet or not as much as it should be because they have a really short budget for it, I think you can agree that communication is a crucial part of the NGO so I think that they could use a bit more money.

    Cool post, keep up

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