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Tied together

If you search #groupwork on tumblr, 8 out of 10 posts are people saying how much they hate groupwork, the remaining 2 are always funny images (also showing how they hate working in groups), but after some time scrolling this endless page i strumbled upon this nice composition.


And it illustrates really well how i feel about this project, we are exactly between 4 and 5. In the first weeks, everyone was going to a different direction, making assumptions, and definately not working as a team. Groupwork is good, when you’re working with professionals and know everyones background and personalities, and this is not the case in project community, but even tho we know each other for only a month, at the very first minutes as a group we noticed we had a very organized, unanimously elected 'leader', and every group needs one, (just one, seriously) we are lucky that we have only one person with this personality, otherwise it would be trouble, I also noticed that some other groups don't have a Luca style of person on their team and they have more trouble to control the crowd and organize things. 

To be honest, i think this blog is the most challenging for me.
I’ve never liked to express myself by writing/typing and it gets worst when i have to do it in english, this is the first blog post i wrote in portuguese and then gradually translated to english, i was trying to be quick, but it turns out that some times i have to change so much a sentence to make sense in english that the original idea gets distorced and i just have more work. Also, i’m worried about the challenge itself, we need a brilliant idea and present it in a very good way to stand out and we still need to go after it, discuss, create and improve. I will try my best overcome any difficulties and not let people become frustrated by this work, i’ve been working as a freelance graphical designer for 4 years now and i know that in the end of every project comes this enormous sense of accomplishment, the harder the better.


                            WHAT’S THE IMPACT OF:

I couldn’t agree more with Chris Corrigan, everyone of us is experiencing this lack of creativity when we sit in a group of 8 and try to come up with ideas. It is much better to work with smaller groups, some people may think we can raise a conflict by creating these ‘edges’, but i don’t agree, i think it’s productive when smaller groups question each other ideas, it helps improving and generate new ideas. 

This is great, I’m amazed by this cultural diversity, i’ve never been in touch with so many people from different nationalities, this makes the groupwork interesting for the very first time in my life! I see myself more calm with others, and this wouldn’t happen if they were brazilians :X I don’t know why, I just feel i must respect them no matter how dumb they act, and i am sure i can learn something with everyone of them.

When wisely divided, it can have a huge impact on the outcome of our project, after 4 weeks we’re starting to know what to do and how we can help each other the best way. As for the assignments we have each week, I can say that we got it now, everyone in our group is aware and commited to the blog posts and classroom activities, i think we are on track.

One thing i might do differently in the coming weeks
Is to speak up! I’m oftenly interrupted in the middle of a thought because i take too long to build a sentence while i’m talking, people loose attention when i struggle to say what i’m thinking. I’ve noticed it not so long ago. I will try to speak faster/louder so others can see i’m whiling to help and not confuse my quietness with lack of commitment/interest.
Good communication is the key for a good groupwork.

Cya next week Tumblr.

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2 comments on “Tied together
  1. Nancy White says:

    I empathize with the challenge of thinking in another language. I was an exchange student in Sao Paolo Brasil when I was in high school. In English, I’m a VERY fast thinker and writer. I felt like I was wading through mud when I first had to think in Portuguese.

    I wonder, instead of trying to talk faster or louder, your team develops a signal that says “SLOW DOWN” and gives those speaking and thinking in a second language time to process? They need your ideas, so it seems fair to ask for a shift in the speed.

    As for writing, I think you are doing an amazing job. I also want to suggest an offer, and I’d be curious if Maarten thinks it is ok.

    Why don’t you try doing your blog post one week as a video. Record it (you can do it with a camera and upload to YouTube or do a one person hangout) and embed it in your post. See how it feels to express yourself that way. One tip – DO think about what you want to say before you record. 😉



  2. Maarten Thissen says:

    Woah, very nice! I like the narrative as well as the listing in the second half of the post.

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