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Groups: The Greatest Asset ? Or The Worst Foe ?

The definition of groups is broad. Yet the concept can be summed on a basic principle: “Two are better than one”, “Together we stand”, “We are not alone”. Also: The more the merrier.

imageThe more would definitely be merrier.

Applying groups in situations to be overcome is comparable to strings and paper. One by itself is easy to break and tear. But put more of them together, it suddenly becomes quite hard to break them.
This is applicable to humans as well.
While we tend to think ourselves strong and invincible. The truth is that there are many a moment where one person does not suffice, and more are needed.

However working in a group does not only have the rose, the thorns on the steam have to be accounted for.
Such is the case with my group.
The roses in us are our diversity, having a group of nine definitely presents it’s edges, perks and difficulties.

Does it work well ? Well ”working well” is a definition that others might use, I prefer the simple term of “works”.
What works ? Structure is done. Planning is done, results are underway, so that works.

Challenging to me, to us as a group, is getting all nine members to be present, or work together. Well let’s be honest, with this size and confusion to arise, we are at times in trouble with giving workload equally. Though yesterday was a pleasant exception; we were done so quickly, we had time to spare.
And that proves yet another great contrast to our size, a positive side of this is that thanks to our group being so fast, we can divide larger tasks more efficiently, each of us can attend our attention according to our strengths and preferations ( see: sweet spot ).

Where size hurts and benefits as well is the cultural diversity Group 6 posses. We have people from corners of the world, or mixtures of them. Viewpoints differ due to different upbringings and social standpoints. It has lead, and will lead us towards more clashes, or it may give us a result so great, we might need to build a monument to carry our pride.

Where Group 6 has failed, but we yearn to correct is the communication. The lack of communication has led us to our early group life crisis, the lack of communication has borne frustrations and dissatisfaction, the lack of communication has been pointed out as our greatest weakness, crippling us like two chain balls.
But with communication, with the strength and will to rise, to climb to see across all and look forward, we might be able to cut of the thorns of our rose, and present it: Our result in the future.

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Justin's Lil' Box Of Thoughts
One comment on “Groups: The Greatest Asset ? Or The Worst Foe ?
  1. Marcelo says:

    The start of this post is so deep man, hahahaha liked it.
    I think every team needs some kind of improvement, get everyone to commit and to communicate and preferably EVERYone in the team together hahahaha and get going, cultural diversity is here to help, not to block.

    cool post, keep up

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