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Week 5 already?!

Group 6. 9 different people. 9 nationalities. 9 countries that don’t even have border with one another. How to make the members work in group as one? This question was worth 5 weeks of finding an answer to. Till last Friday actually… I think the meeting with our group leader Maarten (you are the best!!!) was a wake up call for all of us. Before we were not a team, we were nine individuals trying to make it work but forgetting that this is GROUP work, and that there is no ‘’I’’ in team, but there is in win, so in order to succeed in this project we have to collaborate, discuss and solve problems TOGETHER.

Who still remembers the introduction week? Who remembers the Thursday when we were divided into groups and most importantly who remembers Gustaaf saying: right now you are friends but by the end of this project you will probably be sick and tired of one another? (this may not be the exact quote) I do! I do! I do! At first I was skeptical about it, but right now I may understand where he is coming from… I am not saying I hate you all, not at all (I am actually looking with all the respect at every single one of you) but there is some tension between us as we didn’t yet find the golden key to co-operation…

The main problem why it is so, is that we didn’t talk about what is bothering us… I believe that we should all learn one of the best qualities that Dutch people can teach us- honesty and straightforwardness. Personally I am too honest and very often I have to suffer the consequences, of telling too much or being too direct. But this is who I am and if I truly believe in something there should be a very good reason why I shouldn’t speak up about it. Sweet lie is not always better than bitter truth.

The other issue that didn’t let us function as a team was language barrier. I know I know we could have all stayed in our countries and studied in our native languages, but here we are in the Netherlands studying international programme called IDE. It was up to us to decide if we want to take a risk and go out of comfort zones (leave our home countries, start studies in foreign language) or not. Talking about our team there are 3 native English speakers, what is 1/3 of our group and let’s not forget that some others finished international schools. I didn’t, all I know now was learned in ordinary school, this is why most of the time I don’t feel 100% confident to explain things because I am afraid to make a fool of myself. When we get tasks and I don’t really understand what we are supposed to do, I ask my English friends to translate it to ‘’human language’’ as I call it (make it casual and understandable). And thankfully they do it.

To sum up, I think our group has a lot of potential, but not all of it has shown yet. We are definitely moving the right direction and there will come our time to shine. So team, let’s resolve our issues and concentrate on Solidaridad!

Xx Elena

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One comment on “Week 5 already?!
  1. Maarten Thissen says:

    I’m glad talking about group work gave you the opportunity to air your thoughts.

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