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We = Power

Frustration. That is definitely a word to describe some of the team work that we have been doing in Project Community. I have realized that I generally like working independently rather than in groups as you do not have to take other people’s opinion in mind. You can go through a much easier process without all the complicated organizing, selecting and collaborating. In groups you will most likely have contrasting ideas or a hard time accepting other people’s ideas.  Working in teams can therefore be very frustrating. 

HOWEVER, independent work might be easier, but in groups you will definitely have more fun, encouragement and support. Like I said in the last blog post about crowdsourcing is that a group of people will have greater amount of knowledge than one alone. You can work more efficiently by dividing the work up, use each other’s individual skills and come up with better ideas as we are a diverse group of people. 

So far in the project I feel that I work the best when I have someone that I can juggle my ideas with rather than with a whole group. I think that if the group is too big it can limit the creativity. This is something that I have felt specifically for this project. I think that I have sometimes been too focused on the overall good of the team and to fit in with the other members rather than pitching in with my individual ideas. This was especially happening in the beginning of the project when we didn’t know each other very well and were unsure of what we were actually doing. And so here the impact of GROUP SIZE comes in. I hadn’t really thought much about this subject before this week but it really did make sense what Chris Corrigan said in the video. That if working in a rather big group (9 people) it is much easier to break up in smaller groups and so create more “edges”. This way enabling more diversity and more solutions!  

Culture is another challenge. Each and every one of use come from very different cultures, speak different languages etc. Only three people in the group are native English speakers. This is something that we spoke about last week. As English is a universal language, the English native speakers have a huge advantage. For me this have always made me very envious as I can’t express myself exactly as I would do in Swedish. Although, the point is that we brought this topic up, we spoke about it and could come to a realization that many of us felt the same way, whereas the English native speakers had never thought of it that way before. This was definitely a part of breaking some of the culture and language barriers. So communication is KEY here.

One thing that I will do differently in the coming weeks to improve my experience and the group’s work is: to be more open with my concerns, approach someone straight away rather than go and feel frustrated about it. 

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2 comments on “We = Power
  1. Maarten Thissen says:

    Well done. Nice example of communication with pictures and text. Next step is to acknowledge the source of pictures.

  2. Goal

    communication is key GAME on.

    And good luck with your personal growth goals.

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