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The Internet is getting boring

YES the INTERNET!!! I remember when i was in 5th grade, the year was 2000, i had access to it in my house since 1999, so i was not that internet ‘noob’ anymore, my friends told me to download mIRC, and i was like: 

What is mIRC?


mIRC is a client to join the IRC platform (Internet Relay Chat)
IRC is the oldest multi-user chat system on the internet, and as a protocol it is older than the World Wide Web itself, created in 1988 by Jarkko Oikarinen, IRC makes it possible for people using the Internet to converse with each other in real time. In order to talk to someone through IRC, you need to connect to the same IRC server. Once in the server, you can join a channel (a.k.a. chat room), and talk with other people who have joined that channel. It has continued to improve since Jarkko first created it, and is still developed by a large and dynamic group of volunteers who give their time, knowledge, and resources to the internet community.

After some time trying to understand how to connect and join a room, now called ‘channel’, i managed to get into our city’s channel, #FOZ, and for my surprise there were a huge scrollbar with more than 300 nicknames on the right of the screen, I had never seen something like that, and people used to talk directly on the channel better than ‘PMing’ someone, i was amazed by this mIRC fever in our city, it was really different from other places where people were using ICQ.

Obviously, a week later me and 2 more friends already had our own channel, where all our other friends joined on a daily basis, we made #VADIO stickers to advertise the channel’s name and LOTS of houseparties on those 5 years it lasted, kids from different schools used to join as well, the thing was growing, and so was the interaction, THIS was the most valuable for me. we even promoted some channels, and had fight with others (channels were basically friendship circles)

But then, the dark age had come, the age of MSN Messenger, and the down of mIRC. People would not invite you to join their channels anymore, where you could interact with not only the person you met, but also their friends, instead of that, they would ask you for your email, (which sometimes was worst than memorizing an ICQ number) and people started to interact less and less…

Oh but you could group chat =D

Meh =/

If you invite someone to a group chat today to actually just chat, you’re annoying, unless it is for work or some group related task.

People changed, and are always changing, already changed from messenger to facebook! The only thing that remais is the real-time chat, but again, if you want to have a real-time chat with a group of people, you need to put everybody into that tiny chat window that was clearly not designed for this. Its kind of annoying when you are in a group chat, so people create groups if they want to share stuff with specific people, which is not a great way to discuss things, because it is not real time anymore, the way people interact is not like you are hanging with your friends, like mIRC used to be, or some computer games that still get that feeling, Facebook became some kind of ego oriented platform, that people build this image they want others to see them as, everybody hates it, but everybody uses it, because they have not found anything better to move to yet.

Come on people! Let’s change our behavior again, after all these years of evolution i’m sure we can find something better to when we are CONNECTED, than scroll through facebook,

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One comment on “The Internet is getting boring
  1. Meggie says:

    OMG, I thought I was an internet dinosaur having used IRC in my early student years. (1991 I think) Then we heard from a friend of a friend how you could use this on the university PC’s but you had to watchout that non of the staff came in because you weren’t supposed to be doing that. We were just amazed that we were chatting with students in universities as far away as the states. I never knew that it stayed o and became ths big for so long. Thanks for your sharing your story!

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