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We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how we DO it

Good evening my dear readers,

This week‘s topic is ‘‘My own network’’. I have never thought of my participation on online spaces being as my OWN network but I like how it sounds so let‘s just stick with it. So what does my network consists of? To answer this question I had to view my mostly visited website list and honestly nothing interesting over there… facebook, gmail, 9gag, youtube, some forums and of course and related web pages. You may be surprised no Twitter, Instagram, Vine or Ask? No. I deeply don’t care about things posted and uploaded over there because it’s not communicating with others it’s publicizing your private life.

As a consequence, on online spaces I mostly play the observer’s role. I rarely comment, post, like or share, but I like reading, viewing and being up to date with the latest information and gossip (I am a girl so I do care about rumors). I could call myself a social network cheater, because I use it not according to their main purposes (communicate, share information, files, ideas and etc.). For example is a photo and video sharing with others site, but I use it as my private online photo album (all the albums are password protected so no one else but me could enter and view it). Also I love reading forums about everyday situations and how to solve casual problems, but as I mentioned earlier I am not a keen participant in discussions so I just stay anonymous reader. All in all, I do use online spaces as an individual, because I better prefer being unseen stalker than one of the any-price-attention seekers.

Furthermore, when the school started I have been added to few new groups on Facebook, regarding study things. People share files, ideas, help and inform each other. It is convenient and easy to use, what else could I ask for? We all had Facebook accounts before, so there were no problems of not knowing how to deal with it. But I am always open for new ways to keep in touch, so if someone will suggest even more handy network to interact I will be more than excited to try it out.

Talking about personally preferred social sites, number one is still Facebook. I just checked I have 304 friends over there( I try not to add anyone I don’t know) so basically I have around 300 people I am friends or acquaintances with. Someone said ‘’If you are not on Facebook you don’t exist ‘’, partly I agree with that because there are more than 1 billion facebook accounts and the number is increasing every day so if you are not a part of this social network mania you are nothing…

To sum it all up, we all have different networks, and diverse opinions about participating in it. This all above is my way of being a small part in this enormous global network.

Xx Elena


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