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Hey Crowdsourcing

I believe that one person alone will never solve a problem in the best way. I think that the Internet and the different networks that we use have made us realize this. Some of the most successful companies on the web have made sure to let other people outside the company stand for the innovation. This is crowdsourcing. By using the network-users the companies can do things they would have paid for. Take for example Wikipedia, where people can contribute with their knowledge in order to create a mass encyclopedia. It’s a system that allows anyone to do the job and the people do it because they enjoy the feeling of being involved.

If more people corporate and interact it’s more likely that there will be a solution. However, it is not only entirely to rely on, but it’s simply that different people know different things.  The combined knowledge contained in a large group is greater than the knowledge of one or two individuals. Also, different human behavior works in various ways: some want to throw out ideas, others want to describe problems in new ways, and some are good at taking a step back and come to conclusions. Simply by looking at our group for this community project one can see a connection to the crowdsourcing idea. We are all from different backgrounds, been exposed to different knowledge and used to work in different ways. This is not always a bad thing as it gives us new insights and perspectives on how to work with this project.

When it comes to online spaces on the Internet I would say that I primarily use it as an individual and don’t interact with others online. I like to have defined and bounded groups when I do interact with people because I have never had the need to interact with others in the wider network. I use Facebook, for example, to talk to my friends, especially friends that I don’t live close to but want to keep contact with. I use of Facebook because my friends use it. If none of my friends used it, then it wouldn’t be a point in me using it.

The tools that I want to use are tools that I don’t need to look in a manual in order to figure out how they work. It has to be intuitive. Some tools are just so complicated, you end up all frustrated and mad and feel like you want to give up on technology all together. I’m sorry to say this but The Hague Universitys website might be a good example of this. Just to find basic information can be really tricky- going from the HHS homepage to Blackboard to Webber. Just the first week I couldn’t figure out how to find my schedule because you needed to go in and do something really unnecessary, complicated stuff… Im still little confused to be honest.   And so here again the crowdsourcing comes in. What if the school could actually ask for the students’ preferences? What we like to use, what we think are good solutions and what can make it easier, usable and even enjoyable.  

I think that there are always smarter people outside any community; you just have to figure out how they can help. Crowdsourcing is suitable for situations when you go out into the unknown, to projects in the forefront of innovation.

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