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Lost in space

In today’s world, internet is something most people cannot live without. Our generation and even more the generations to come are faced with this phenomenon on a daily basis. With this comes online communication, such as Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram and all sorts of forums and blogs. This has had a great impact on the world and changed the way a lot of us spend our time and communicate to one another. There are both positive and negative results due to this change, but in the end it affects everyone in a different way.

When I think about my own network and how I use online spaces, I have to admit that I sometimes do simply use it as an individual and do not always fully interact with people. For example, I have an Instagram account, in which you can share pictures with the followers you have on your account, and you can see pictures of the people you follow. I hardly post any pictures myself, but do enjoy following the pictures others post.

Despite of this I do also use other online spaces to interact with people not just as an individual, such as Facebook. I attended an international high school where a lot of students/friends came and went on a yearly basis due to their parents work etc. It made it difficult to stay in touch with them as they moved all over the world. Facebook really made it easier to stay in contact with these friends and to share each other’s new experiences through pictures, videos and messages.

I am a member of many bounded groups, these mostly consist of my close friends or students I work with for certain projects. Having this closed group allows us to interact with each other but still having some sort of privacy from the rest of the viewers as they cannot enter this group. It makes it more efficient, especially when working on a project as you can address all your team members at once with the same message and thus makes sure it doesn’t get lost within the countless other posts of people who are not involved in the discussion. This is also applicable to this project, as my group (6) has a closed group where we can interact and communicate easily with one another regarding the work that has to be completed and to make appointments.

When looking at the online spaces I use my most valuable ones are probably Facebook, Youtube and Instagram as those are the ones I use most often. These are also the ones that are most comfortable for me to use as I am very familiar with them and thus it is never a struggle to use them. They also have most of what I’m interested in and relevant to me. Tumblr has some more value to me now than before as I am using it for this class and thus putting time and effort into it aswel.

Despite of using some of the present online spaces, I think there is a lot more out there for me to discover and get acquainted with, and I am sure many more new online spaces will pop-up in the coming years which I will be open to start using.

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