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We are living in in which the word ‘technology’ plays a big role. It is everywhere , all around us and every day we receive deeper and deeper under the skin and becomes part of our daily lives.

Could we now imagine a world without the Internet ?

Not so long ago when people would respond with a smile so.Today, it is a little bit different.

Technology as ” Internet ” cemented the whole world. It’s not such a long time and Internet becomes an indispensable part of our life.

Internet offers us an almost infinite number of possibilities but, when you think about it , does humanity use the full potential of this tool ?

Internet has enabled us to much. 

  • We can get an almost unlimited amount of information at any time, quickly and for free. 
  • We can communicate with people as fast as never before and again at any time and free of charge

When you mention  words like Facebook or Twitter , it is associated with only one phrase - a revolution in communication These social networks, have devoured more than 400 million users yet. A huge number of people , figuratively speaking -grouped in a small area don’t you think so ?

Is it possible that in the future social networks will become an instrument of evil ? Or, is it possible to manipulate and control the quantity of people and only through ” computer ?”
Maybe.We will see. 


On the day, when we were born , we got something unique, a gift called identity which will accompany us until the very end. 

By the way, do you think it’s possible to born twice a life ? Let me think. 

On the day when we first signed up on sites like Facebook , have become part of the whole new world. Let’s say that we born again and with a  new identity . This kind of identity calls -Digital identity- . Interestingly, our true identity can be completely different from that digital onereal. There are some people who prefer to live in the other world, where they are hidden behind their computer monitors and feel powerful when under a false identity cruise the internet.

I think, that people should learn how to do with the tools like FB or another social network.. It is necessary to find a balance between:  when is internet still my tool and when I am already tool of the internet !

For the time I am living in this world, I was also given technology under the skin and become one with my passion . It might sounds like cliche but it’s Apple , which for me means  the best combination of the latest technology and lovely design . As is probably obvious , I’m his big fan .

In every single product that they have made, we can find 3 words. Simplicity , innovation , and design .

It’s only a short time when I fulfilled a dream and bought a Mac from Apple.From the early begining I actively learn to use programs like Photoshop Cs, iMovie or iCut. I am not a master, but already know how to make some beautiful stuff. 

To my mind, I am just at the beginning of my road. 

I believe, that while studying at this school I will learn to work with a number of other useful programs, which will significantly improve my Digital Identity.

Maybe I can just ask my classmates for help. :)

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  1. Alan Levine says:

    That is interesting that you imply that your online identity is completely separate from your “not online” (the reference to being born twice) — I do not find it quite so easy to do this, but each person’s experience is different.

    I would check those numbers- Facebook estimates its users in 2013 at 1.1 billion (the word “devoured” is suggestive!)

    As a suggestion, when you use an image in your post, it is good practice to link to/and give credit to the source of the media.

    I am a big fan too of Apple products and design, but would note it is not perfect. I find design issues and flaws all the time.

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