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Not a genius but willing to learn

When I first read the blog assignment for this week I remembered the first computer that my parents bought and comparing it to nowadays computers… well there is nothing to compare, probably my cell phone has a faster processor than that’’ dinosaur’’. I have to note that no one at that age taught me how to use it (maybe showed how to turn it on and off but that’s it) and let’s not forget all the programs were in English, the language I didn’t know at that time. So somehow I learned it all by myself, by trying doing and of course failing (I remember deleting some of my mom’s programs which seemed unnecessary to me and only took the desktop place of my beloved games) but these ‘’accidents’’ were good lessons too in this case-always to have an extra copy of the file in computer or usb flash drive. Now when I think of it, it only makes me smile but at that time it really seemed like big problems…

I can’t say I am THE BEST talking about computers because I am most certainly not… On Personal Branding lesson one guy from our class talked about how he built his own computer (he ordered parts and tools from Ebay, and actually did it all by himself, with some improvisation because he put green neon lights in it (HOW COOL IS THIS?!)), as fascinating as it looked, sadly I am not even close to that… To be honest when the lectures started I was so surprised by the number of students who bring laptops to university and that in a library the computer tables are more popular than actual books (I was even called old fashioned that I write in a note book and don’t bring the laptop with me). I have to say that in Lithuania we don’t use computers that much for school needs. Of course we do presentations and some of the writings but that’s it. I had IT lessons for 2 years in which I learned the basics of programming, some photoshoping and videomaking. Do I feel that that’s enough for me? NO NO and once again NO! My biggest fear in life is to stop improving who I am now. This is why I count myself pretty lucky to happen in the same group as people who actually know how computers and IT works. My secret plan was (well not so secret anymore as I will post it for everyone to see) to be involved (whether they want me or not) in every task which require technical knowledge with group mates who know something about it, so I could learn and grow my skills in this field. We are only two girls in our super duper GROUP 6, and we are both responsible for designing this new platform for Solidaridad, which in my mind will be fun and challenging, but most of all useful and beneficial for our improvement in technical things.


Finally, talking about my digital identity I try to have as less profiles and with as little personal information about me as possible. I don’t really get people (no judgments though) who post every little thing they do, go, eat, hang out with or date on social websites just to collect some more likes, comments, shares or followers. Also there is a group of people who have ”double lifes” as I call it, one on the web and one in the reality (sadly most of the time they are too different and incompatible). I think that those kind of people are being dishonest, careless and with nothing better to do in life… So all in all, I better prefer not my digital identity but how I represent myself in REAL life to REAL people.image

You, my dear readers may think:’’ what this Elena girl is doing in this program she is not good for anything’’ well I would answer this with quote: ‘’If you are not willing to learn NO one can help you. If you are determined to learn NO one can stop you’’. I may not be the best at IDE, or the technical stuff because I don’t know everything but if I did what would be the point of studying at all? The last time I checked this is university, people come here to study, to learn, to explore and I am more than determined to do so.

Thank you very much for reading, hope it was interesting and easy to follow. And remember it’s never too late to learn!

Xx Elenaimage

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2 comments on “Not a genius but willing to learn
  1. Viktoriya Despotova says:

    Dear Elena,
    I found your blog quite interesting and it actually made me think of my first computer and how much fun it was for me to discover it. I am also glad, that I am not the only one, who is not a computer genius and I hope that we can help each other if we have difficulties with some programs hah 🙂
    I wish you sweet dreams,see you tomorrow

  2. Justin says:

    And again I love it.
    The subtle mix of witty sarcasm and humility. Never gets old.

    Your thoughts are good, I can feel your worries, yet your fierce spirit to learn from what we know, and probably beat us.
    Well, let’s grow together, maybe I’ll be better than you 😉

    PS: Awesome pictures !

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