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Second Step: The Wall

Have you ever read Game of Thrones ? Of course you have. But let’s go by the rare chance you have not. If that is the case, then I strongly, yet lovingly suggest you to turn off this blog, and start catching up. You got 3 television seasons and 5 books of catching up to do.

But that is not relevant now, the question is the reference to my title: “The Wall”.  See The Wall is a enormous construction of ice dividing the fictitious Seven Kingdoms from the North. In our case, The Wall represents the accumulative amount of impossibilities and tasks towering our group, wherein every step is equal to every climb up. Every tool is crucial, which is technology. And the internet, which is our rope. Our Imagination, our will.


Climb this.

We have been introduced to the concept of digital identity, an interesting concept.
Well, we know the NSA is reading this, and whatever we post, write, say or speak on the internet is going to be saved on some server far away.
But that is also what digital identity is. Nothing more than you on the internet.
You can be you, or someone else. Because whatever you ever do, Facebook, Google and everyone else utilizing the rope ( the internet ) is going to find knots of you.
But you know, if you want a visual idea of what more sophisticated folks at the National Media Museum in UK think about your digital identity:
Create your digital you ! For best results, use the Facebook Connect option.


"It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do ( say ) that defines you. " - Batman

As you might remember, our job for Solidaridad Network ( From hereon called SN. because honestly, I won’t be typing that all the time ) is to basically create an intranet website for them to integrate and successfully use in their goal to change the world.
Well, great. We’ve arrived at the bottom of The Wall and my first step is to consider:
"What tools do we have, what is my experience with them, and what can I do with them ?"

Our tools to start the climb is the usage of online tools dedicated to creating websites. My experience ? Well, if you want a crack on The Wall, I guess I can climb and send you early Christmas snowfall.

Which means my experience and expertise in this field is virtually none. Creating a website has never been an interest of mine, though playing around with German hosted services has proved quite amusing.
However this is just a website creation tool. What we need is a platform tool. Okay fine, we have Drupal Commons 3.0. But we are not able to download the software to test it out.
Therefore, I cannot be a mentor to others, as I lack the, or in actuality any., skills to create a social platform.

This is however a different story when it comes to references. Holding our rope ( The internet ) tightly and checking every knot ( Websites ) on it with our keen eyes ( Google ), we are able to find out places to improve ourselves on. One such social platform creation tool, is this lil’ helper here
A tool most intriguing. Should it deliver what it promises, we might be able to gain insight as to how one creates a social platform. This might allow us a more accurate design. We might even be able to beat Facebook, Xing and Google !


Okay, maybe not Google. Their crown is too pretty.

This tool promises alot. It may be the key to understanding how and what a social platform requires to work by.
By possibly trying this program out, I may be able to give more insights on what may or may not be possible when designing a concept for our NGO.

Perhaps some others may be of help. Heck, if I knew how to create a social networking site, I’d probably be joining Zuckerberg on his yacht.
But therein lies the beauty of a group work, we might be able to combine thoughts and discoveries, and together grow as one.
That way, climbing The Wall is not going to be impossible, just tedious, we have 7 weeks.

In worst case scenario, I might pull the rope for a while, somewhere along the rope Group 6 might find an expert knot in with us.

Justin Lim, taking the second step and staring hard at The Wall.

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2 comments on “Second Step: The Wall
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hey, Justin, have you read Alan’s blog on the power of linking and embedding media?

    It seems like your reflection this piece is headed in that direction (with more opportunity there!)

    Re not being able to test Drupal. Why not identify a public site that uses it and experiment by seeing how it feels and operates in that context? You can ask at in the forums for suggestions. Remember, you can use communities and networks in your OWN work!!!

  2. Lucie says:

    Hey Justin,

    it’s very nice to read your text! You use nice metaphors…i’m glad I finally watched Game of Thrones 😉
    And i think the page Ning sounds very promising.
    But I know you have more online tool skills that you would admit. So go for it! 🙂

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