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I write to you all from a keyboard, which is usually used for little more than a spot of Facebooking and a ton of Youtubing.. Although my computer skills (yes its that bad – I am calling them computer skills) are below par I am not completely computer retarded. Thus I bring you this blog with the intentions of documenting and sharing my progress in the task of developing a NGO’s platform, in a hope of improving this platform’s user experience and usability amongst many other technical ambitions I’m yet to rap my head around!

Although my skill set may seem limited up to this point and you may be asking how on earth this computer illiterate Kiwi is going to produce a successful platform design, BUT DON’T LOSE HOPE YET! Less than a day ago I was asking my self the very same thing BUT (yes, thank god there’s a but) I am equipped with an international, driven, COMPUTER CONFIDENT team!! Team 6 features 8 different nationalities, 8 different cultures and 8 different international minds ready to produce an end product which fulfills both our clients brief and our individual design ambitions. I personally am extremely interested in the sustainable agriculture industry and hope to work there in the future. I have spent 2 years researching sustainable agriculture and hope to contribute this knowledge and passion to my group.

I foresee this task to be a ginormous-learning curb for my self in many areas. Firstly I hope to absorb, from my team mates, any and all knowledge on setting up a user friendly platform. Although I plan to restrict my involvement in this sector of the task (directing it towards a job of my own strengths instead) I definitely plan on using the opportunity to develop these missing skills. I hope to contribute to my team by playing to my strengths, thus I have already committed to the job of correspondence whether it be between our client, our tutor or any external resources we may need to contact. I chose this job as I am able to write and express my self in English with ease and more importantly because I am able to forge genuine trustful relationships with individuals, which I hope will prove beneficial when communicating and interpreting our clients needs. Lastly I am expecting the group dynamic to be somewhat of a challenge with a few strong, dominating personalities already eager to take leadership and rush forward with this task. Hopefully all members of the group are able to harness their individual strengths and express them in all areas of this task.

Due to our client being an ambitious company in the sustainable agriculture sector, group 6 hopes to create platform suitable to their target audience that displays clearly the ambitions and morals of Solidaridad whilst still being an interesting, interactive and enticing space for all international sustainable agriculture enthusiasts to gather!

Until next time,

Siras Henderson

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2 comments on “DIVING IN THE DEEP END
  1. Mikey Taylor says:

    Well first of all this was a great blog to read! Even through the humor the main message was clear and concise. I can relate to having such and international team also! I hope that you can work to your strengths and also to the strengths of your other team members to finally create a suitable platform for your ambitious client! Look forward to reading next weeks blog!


  2. Maarten Thissen says:

    Well Siras, don’t worry about the blogging so far. Excellent!

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