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The reflection of first community class

To start my blog with, I would like to say that I really enjoyed the first lesson and I think that writing a blog is a smart thing to do because EVERYONE will have chance to express themselves and their thoughts. I want to note that these will be my subjective points of view, but if you disagree or have a different opinion on something I would love to discuss and talk about it, so just (blog?) me.

We were all given questions about general ideas of Project community 2013. Talking about our class goals I could easily copy paste or to paraphrase what was written on this website:  but I don’t really think it’s necessary or useful. So what are my goals in this class? To be honest I don’t even know where to start. One of the main would be to learn to cooperate with the team that I am a member of. I mean it consists of 8 bright young people with unique ideas, talents and abilities, they all have something to teach and something to learn, so it is VERY important that we unite and become like one (at least) for this class. We have to be like 8 musketeers/innovators all for one and one for all. Other goal that I am seeking is to learn to listen and understand what teachers want from us. I am used to teachers explaining everything from A to Z and us students only doing the manual work, but over here it’s different you get a rubric and a hint to which direction it has to go, but you have a full right to interpret and improvise just the way you want to, what gives us more responsibility but at the same time more creativity and freedom. There are so many more goals I would love us to achieve as a class and as a team, because being ambitious and goal-driven will keep us moving forward even throughout the most difficult times. I am sure that we will make so many mistakes over the years but this is how you learn, isn’t it?

Talking about getting in touch with online communities and networks I am scared of that the most. I have no experience in asking for guidance and assistance from people ‘’above’’. For this you have to be extremely persuasive, convincing and specific. Can this be learned? I am nearly 100 % positive about that, but some are just naturally better at this than others. However, it’s impossible to have everything from the beginning: we must learn to walk before we can run.

I will be honest, I am a perfectionist so question about our team’s final outcome is obvious to me: I want it to be the best and I want us to win. But on the other hand can there be a winner or a loser? Each one of the teams will put time and effort to this project, some more than others but I believe we will all do our best at it. Of course we will all win experience and knowledge, that we will definitely use on future tasks, because this is how we grow as open innovators.

Finally, my main role in our team is unclear and undecided like most of us. Some members are really good at IT, some at presenting and designing while others just have good ideas and fast thinking. So we have a little bit of everything a strong and productive team could ask for. I believe that we will be best teachers for one another. So much to learn and only 3 years of studies!

To sum it all up, I believe that this will be one of the most interesting, creative and difficult classes in this course. But I am pretty confident that we will make it through!image

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2 comments on “The reflection of first community class
  1. Maarten Thissen says:

    Team 6 (or whatever name you’ll come up with), I hope you do realise that you’re setting the standards high with these first week of posts!

  2. Justin says:

    I like this.
    Seeing someone as sincere and honest in my team ? That is what I like.
    You are honest, you are enthusiastic, and you have the tenacity, will and guts to be the best.

    A such personal blog may capture the essence of what blogging truly is, I ain’t no expert. But this blog may inspire others to become better, mayhaps yourself, as you wish to stand on top.

    I shall join you on this journey and do my best !

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