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Achieving Visual Unity – week 2

Our first class was interesting but also very confusing. The whole subject and project was a bit vague and the exact goal wasn’t too clear. As the class progressed it started becoming more clear, as more information was shared with us and we had time to research.

I see this subject helping me to use social media to connect and interact with other people who share similar interests. It will teach me how to set up my own online community, properly presenting myself and the important ambitions I have. In addition to extending the knowledge I already have, I will learn new things that I will be able to apply to my everyday use of social media. I think working in a group will provide a good and stimulating environment where I can learn from others and also learn to work better together in order to accomplish our ultimate goal. Working together will help this NGO come up with the most innovative, exciting and creative solutions.

What I can bring and contribute to the group is my creativity and open-mindedness to new ideas. As a visual learner, I believe that I’ll be able to contribute to our projects physical appearance and what message it communicates. 

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3 comments on “Achieving Visual Unity – week 2
  1. Alan Levine says:

    That was Alan’s mistake in checking the wrong box, it should all be fixed now.

  2. Elena says:

    Hey Paul, great job but don’t put it on Group 7 as we are number 6 😀

    • paul says:

      haha thanks, ye i did type in group 6 on the form, but for some reason it has been posted in group 7….no idea how that happened…

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