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Once this group convenes and develops its project focus and team name, this will tell you more about this group.

Are we really almost there?

It’s really hard to say only one thing is essential. The themes all together form the important thing. At least that’s what I got from all the work we’ve done. We should be able to put research, information, the team’s efforts all together and I think our group it’s on the right way.

I would say that the beginning is very very VERY important, maybe that’s why it’s the hardest part. We should have had our roles from the very beginning, even though we didn’t know each other much. Yeah, everyone back then said ”I could do this…”, ”I could do that…”, but it wasn’t that clear and maybe that was the reason why we had some other problems. But the communication was pretty good so we managed to clear everything up. And we found out that’s the way to succeed- good communication, so we contacted with our NGO really fast and I think that is a good step to be done in the beginning of every project. 

Actually, communication is an answer to everything for me :D. When there is a good communication there is a reason to be confident that you are doing well. And in every aspect, in every theme there is something to do with communication. Which with today’s technology I don’t think it would be a problem. So my point is probably mostly related to the different types of networks ( 

I hope I made myself clear. You might already noticed that I like to put stuff and explain my vision in my own words. And about the solution for our NGO’s unmet need I’m sure we are on the right path. But I don’t get the point why we should tell our group’s solution right before the end… It would be so much fun to watch the video when the time comes. 

In the end I want to say- Enjoy your hard work (once again :D) so that you could enjoy the result in the end (and the whole closing event, of course).


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Working towards success.

Firstly, I believe that every week’s theme has been of assistance to us in reaching our end goal. After having been introduced to the theme, every week we got insights on how to move on and why we should do it. In addition, personally I learned a lot about how to use the Web for work these few weeks. But after all, there is always something which is most important, depending on the project and the desired goal.

In our specific case, I would say that would be the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding tools. As our NGO’s project is about proposing a successful strategy for raising funds, what’s more useful than these two tools?

 Moreover, the fact that it is about children appeals to people’s minds, which provides the NGO with the opportunity to get funds easier. People always care about the children. And through crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, we can find a cheap way of offering those children what they need – having their traditions and culture preserved.

Another good thing is the publicity those two tools can attract towards our NGO. Every time they gather funds from crowdfunding and succeed in their goal will show people that they do their work properly, which will encourage them to donate on later projects as well.


Well I haven’t succeeded in this type of projects before, but since we learned about crowdfunding and crowdsourcing really soon and I believe they are of paramount importance to our project, I reckon that the forming of the pitch for the fundraising is essential. We need to have an appealing, easy to read and interesting text about the NGO’s goals and maybe a little bit of information about previous achievements. I think the key role in order to accomplish our goal would be our cooperation as a team. If we manage to get on well with each other until the end, I believe we can produce outstanding results.


The solution is to work harder than before and to cover all the angles of our project so that we don’t slip somewhere. I trust my team and I know that we are on the right track, and we are moving with a steady pace, so I think this is the most valuable thing about every project, because without and understanding group, there can be no project. So in the end, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding would be really important for the execution of our goal, though it would have never worked out if we weren’t such a cohesive team.
That’s all folks! J See you next time

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Reflection on WorkShop Sessions

To begin with, everything we have been learning during the classes so far is giving positive reflection on our group work. I am not surprise, since the aim of this course is to give us directions and clues of how to work with NGOs and shed some light over different topics regarding our projects.

For me every lesson is valuable as long as it is learned. It is hart to line up and try to give a grade to what we have learned, since each theme covers different, vital for the outcome of the process, aspect. However, in my point of view, one of the most beneficial themes, a theme that has increased the creativity of our team and has improved our abilities, is the one about the group sizes.

Since we have relatively large group, consisting of 8 members, in the beginning we had difficulties in distributing the work properly. We did not have an idea, considering the proper use of our group size. Having better understanding on how to divide tasks and how to preserve the diversity of a group, really improved our process.

For example, we are splitting in small groups of two people, if there is a demand for creative, new ideas. Knowing the efficiency of the small group, helped us and now we are able to come up with large number of ideas for little time. Another example is: when we are aiming in developing certain greater tasks, we are forming bigger groups of 3-4 people, as we know, that larger groups work better on further development of a task. I also learned, that there is no impracticable group member, there is incompetent or unrealistic task distribution. Every team unit could be useful, if one is able to find the most proper way of using each member.

I am really happy with the result of this specific topic on our team. I believe, that group size theme is the method that gave the most visible and significant repercussion on the functioning of our group. Therefore, this method will be the one, which has given the larger push towards our final goal. By functioning better, our group was able to come up with larger number, higher quality ideas and to make use of the diversity of its size. We are able to finish tasks quicker and monitor the process better.

I want to share the final solution, which our group has been working on, however I prefer to keep that for the end. I do not want to spoil our story, so to speak. In my point of view, our strategy is pretty accurate, aligns and involves all aspects of the course so far and in the same time is pretty simple and easy to understand. I hope that we succeeded to find a common line between everything: client’s needs and wants, workshop classes and coach sessions and our task. I am really looking forward to finalizing our video and presenting it to you guys.

See you soon. Cheers!


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Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding nowadays

This week’s block will be focusing on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and how these options reflect on designer’s career.

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are becoming more and more popular and accessible methods for increasing your network and raising money. With the developing of the technologies it is relatively easy for individuals and businesses to attract new people and new capital for little time. Many different platforms are offering diverse ways of doing so online.

So far in the design world I noticed that it is pretty important to be able to create and develop network and be cable of raising money for future projects. As a designer it is not enough to be just involved with the design of a certain product, it is valuable skill the ability to find the right people and get funded.

Croudfunding and crowdsourcing have definitely many positive aspects. To begin with, with the globalization more and more people have access to these methods and therefore it is more likely to achieve something using it. For very short period of time one is able to reach large number of people and that is one really big advantage we can enjoy thanks to the internet.  By researching and looking at different campaigns one is able to compare, to learn and to be inspired from colleges. Due to all crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platforms many dreams have come true and people have been able to help and support each other. So, to summarize all pros of using the above mentioned methods I will say that it is: fast, accessible, cheap, reaches large number of people in no time, easy, user-friendly, helps to support, popular, there is constantly increasing interest in it, brings dreams to life.

However, negative aspects could be found about almost everything that surrounds us. In my opinion, all these pros regarding crowdsourcing and crowdfunding cast shadow on the little number of cons, I am aware of. With the current developments and the large number of competitors it becomes tougher and tougher to succeed and reach your goals using the online space. It is way more difficult to raise money via IndieGoGo for example than it was before. Another negative aspect is the fact that, in order to achieve something, one should put a lot of information regarding his/hers idea online, so it becomes easier for people to duplicate or steal ideas.  I cannot think of more cons concerning crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, in my point of view the positive aspects are way more.

That was all for this week. See you soon. Take care.

Kind Regards,


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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Iliya Elenski

How to make the customer satisfied

There may be lots of reasons why designers refuse to use crowdsourcing, either because it takes a lot of time to research needs, it could stop their own creativity or they don’t see a possibility to use it in their project at all. 

To use crowdsourcing might limit one’s creativity, because there is too much input of ideas and influence from others and you don’t have a “free mind” that can develop absolute new solutions. Or there might be the possibility that others claim your ideas as theirs because you consulted people to give their opinion on your project before you started selling it. But that is a common problem in the creative business that every designer has to handle. Working alone could make you more independent, nobody tells you what to do, and nobody gives you deconstructive criticism. But is that really worth it? I think you have to learn to ignore deconstructive comments, and see the advantage of positive and constructive criticism. Some may say, that it is not your own work, if you had people commenting on your work while you were developing something, but your name may still be connected to your product if you worked alone on a project, or even in a team, or you had a team of designers working for you. Yes, the creative business is not really fair if it comes to the point where people claim names and ideas.

That is why you have to take the right steps, and use other people for your cause. That sounds in a way cruel but that’s what everybody does and it does not mean that you have to steal other people’s ideas. Crowdsourcing may be researching on the internet, as well as just asking your friends and colleagues for advice or their opinion on what you are doing. That is why it is in my opinion not really possible to make a design project without crowdsourcing if you are not working on a very secret project, that not ven your family or friends know about. If you would do that you would have nobody to talk about what you are doing, nobody to share your interests with and that could make you very unhappy. Ideas of other people may not only destroy your imagination but make you even more creative and innovative. Social interaction is fun I think most people would agree that discussing a topic with others is much more fun than sitting alone in your room and think about something alone. However everybody needs time to gather ideas on his own, but that does not mean that brainstorming and developing has to be a process that does not include crowdsourcing. If you are not sure if something works, you consult the internet, Wikipedia on the internet or any other website, that is already crowdsourcing, even if you just open your science book from school. You always use the knowledge and expertise of others. You have to understand that there is no way to succeed alone.

There is a customer that should buy your product, and you are supposed to find out what he needs, that is why you have to consult him. Maybe you have never realized that when you enter a shop and a salesman askes you what you would like to buy, he makes you talk, and you tell him exactly what you want and then he makes you a suggestion and not the other way around. So asking the customer is always the better way to success than telling the customer what he should buy and then he tells you that he does not need your product at all. 

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Need a GPS* Item!

(AN: I am so sorry, it got a bit too long again! Though I still hope you will enjoy reading it! >.<)

Herro ferrow broggers,

Let’s get straight to the point for this week’s blog. :D
It is a showdown –not really- between crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

Are you ready?! SET? GOOOOoooo!

(I am listening to Avici at the moment, so am a bit energic haha… If I get more serious or calm in writing you will know that the song has changed… :D)



So the reflection for crowdsourcing will be somewhat close to the one I did for networking in my first blog.  Crowdsourcing helps you expand your network, this is useful to, in my case for example, getting discounts or finding jobs.

About a month ago I found this website called Linkedin. I have never heard of it, but one of my old teacher of the church invited me to use it. I did sign up but I still haven’t looked around much. The general idea of that site is, as the name suggest –the beauty of simplicity-, “linking” people and expanding your network. I saw that Sheila has a LinkedIn, but I am not quite sure if you can create a profile for Gogorobi. Now that I am mentioning it, maybe a good idea guys?


On to the crowdfunding we go. In my opinion I think crowdsourcing is more beautiful and challenging than crowdfunding. Crowdfunding can only be effective if we have a good base (network) – still in my opinion.

For example: Gamers who stream their matches in order to make money through advertisements on their stream. You can stream as regularly as you want, but if your skills –your base-  is not good, you ain’t gonna get views my brada. So you need to go and improve your skills, come back with inspiring actions and boom! More views = Kaching Kaching! Though if you flash your boobs now and then I guess you could get viewers too. Doubt that it would word for guys though, cruel world-.

Most of the designers start by investing their own money, though most of the time it has it limits and this is where crowdfunding is quite handy. Who does not mind a helping hand?  :)

Crowdsourcing in design:

Solo YOLO. Ehh… what about NO. In the design world it is “all about” crowdsourcing and I don’t like that, since I don’t want to involve myself with the world. If my life was like the life of my Sim in the Sims 3, I would have the Loner social trait. Sigh. Anywhos… At some point I have to give in that I, the narcissist, need “people” *shivers*.

Sure it is great if YOU design a product and YOU produce it on YOUR own and YOU are doing the advertising so well, that the product is sold out faster than Diablo 3, wonderful even, but then reality happens, because no successful game nor product has been developed by one person –as far as I concern. That is nearly impossible if you think about it.  

I need useful criticism from potential users and having an expert or two to guide me the way does not sound bad either, maybe even getting discounts for reproducing the product because I know the people from the factory really well. Let’s face it, when I finish this study, I will probably relate myself to a sperm cell racing against the clock and other millions cells to survive in this cruel world.

Enough pros, it is now pessimistic emo cons time. :<

Sure expanding your network is a great idea, but this can go wrong too. Look at Kony 2012. Their base –youtube video- was so powerful. Big Youtubers like nigahiga even advertise for them! Many supports, but most of the supporters do not actually know what Kony 2012 is about, or where their money is really going to. I did, and still do, not know how they are going to fix this “Kony” with that large sum of digital green papers, this is why I choose not to support them. It looked very straight to the point, but for a critic like me, I think it was a bit shallow and a fairytale story. To short it up, a too big network could lead to something like this…


Since most of the crowdsourcing is done through the internet, it gets very impersonal fast. At some point you will lose control. And well, you will get these internet kids.  

So don’t be shallow, be critic and leave people in awe.

Kind regards,


PS. Is it crowdfunding or crowd funding? My Word keep correcting me into the latter one…  Google it for me please hihi…

*Gold per second

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Let’s see if I got it right…

As usual I’ll put it straight- I would probably consider myself to be from those designers that ”go it alone”, because I prefer to do things on my own and not looking for help (unless, of course, I don’t necessarily need it). But I can still see the advantages of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

So as the first advantage I would put the fact that to crowd fund of crowd source you should be very familiar with the internet tools. Or just google :D and from there on you’ll know what to do, as usual. The good things is also that you are not that limited by the borders of your country. Whoever is interested, no matter where he or she or the company is from, could help with funding. Thanks to technology again! Aren’t we lucky? All a person need is to have something to be passionate about and the more technology you add to your project a the closer to your you are! But back to the point. :D 

By using these two options a designer gets more people involved. And when those people talk to other people the idea or the project gains popularity. Whoever hears something about it and is interested in it… yeah, we all know what happens then. :D 

This Monday was different, in my opinion, from the Mondays before because we got to talk to a lady who is experiencing what we are trying to achieve. Her name is Tessa Wernink and she works for this new Fairphone product (I think it’s really cool :D ). So she said that communities are essentials, too. Here is the point where I should say again that I’m a slow person and that could be a big problem sometimes :D. After this conversation I could say ”Ooohh. now I’ve got it!”. For all this time I was convincing myself that I understand everything without doubting and trying to apply this new information from school, but examples are important too. We should be able to see from a side that things actually happen the way we are taught to happen. I don’t want to raise any misunderstandings here so I’ll try to put it in another way. I don’t know if it’s normal or not, but I still get confused at times ”Am I doing this right?”; ”I’m not quite sure about that…”. So I think that’s the reason I’m not giving 100% of me in my work. I’m trying, of course, but I know for myself that I could be more dedicated. And sorry for getting away from the subject, I just wanted to clear this up.

In the end I would say that there is a reason for crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to be widely applied- they work, they are useful. But whoever use the methods should keep in mind that the goals they set have got to be achievable as the introduction video says ( ). And to me, all this process seems to be not only making business but gathering people in a projects which are, well most of the times, for the well being of the world and for a better future :).

Well, I think that’s it for this week. And, guys and gals, be really careful for your health because this flu-virus-thing is awful. Have a nice and productive week. :)


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week 5

Now we have 2 weeks to finish our project and to come up with some final ideas and solutions to reach our goal( fund the Gogorobi ) and more and more our team goes deeper into crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Personally, I have never heard about these two things before but now I understand how important and useful it can be in order to be successful in different design work.

Some times ago, for example in 60’s you couldn’t imagine that any business can be done without sponsorship from big rich companies or without investing your own money but nowadays the  evolution of people’s abilities grows up rapidly and society understand that they really have power to change the world.

People meet each other in the Internet on specific websites to create and develop any fields of interest they choose , they are sharing with ideas,solutions,investing their own money in projects they find very interesting and perspective.You can see it on such crowdfunding websites as Kickstarter or Indigogo.Personally, I think that it is a great opportunity for creative people with bright mind because sometimes they don’t have a chance to present their project or innovation due to  the geographical,political reasons etc. Even if they have a really great idea ,they wouldn’t get money on that or they won’t be able to advertise their project.Actually I don’t know if it’s right but i think i was participating  the crowdfunding community when I gave 10 dollars to not  popular but very cool music band in Moscow.So,by the help of me and other people they made their new album in much better quality.

The same happens with the crowdsourcing. Business is not only about money. You also need to find experts,professionals,volunteers or just  collect some criticism ( BTW which can be also very important). And what you can offer to people living in the small towns or somewhere you can’t find anything?? Of course the Internet! What can be a better place for sharing your ideas  and to find people you need?There are a lot of forums,questionnaires for example the Surveymonkey where you can collect opinions of other people. By the way, my sister now is doing her entrepreneurship on the 3d course in Erasmus, she is working in the company which makes electronic devices such as chargers,coverings for the phones and one day she sent me a link to the to answer some questions she needs (she was collecting opinions of phone users) and I found it  very useful to work with this website because everything  done in an easy way,it has a nice interface etc.So, I think crowsourcing is something that can really help you,especially when you are making a design project.

So,let’s talk about pros and cons of crowdsourcing.

1.access to the biggest field of people’s very easy to find and also work with crowdsourcing websites can not only find comments on your project but even meet people that would like to work and to develop idea with you or investers
4.It doesn’t take  a long time to create a blog or to sign up for a forum 
5.A big amount of specific thematic websites

1. there are no any filters of information going to the Web. So, you’d probably follow someone’s bad advice

2. Sometimes it’s very hard to explain your idea via blogpost or presentation. You have no connection to your followers and you probably wouldn’t explain your project very properly .

3. You should have some basic skills of using the Internet   and tools.


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Design and Crowds.

Crowdsourcing, the first thing I would do if my company suddenly ran out of ideas, capitals, or employees. Most companies who pick crowdsourcing as it’s way to achieve success will end up doing crowdfunding but, if it fails the company is either “not smart enough” or “not doing much enough”. It is one of the easiest way to obtain capitals because its basically comes from people who wants to donate or maybe investors. However, if seen from designers perspective I don’t think it is a good call to make.

First of all, the main purpose of most designers is to become well-known to the world that their design is either really good or really useful and handy. When a designer “crowdsource” that means he/she lets people know what is the purpose of the design and also his/her own innovation. Someone who has better ideas might  steal his innovation and set the patent earlier than the designer. That could be one of the disadvantages of crowdsourcing in design. Designers who undergo this strategy is mainly targeting for quick and easy money and popularity. That’s why from my perspective, its not so beneficial for designers to see this as a good call. Because basically designers goals are acknowledgements, pride, and patent, not the money itself. However if done right, crowdsourcing would give the designers tons of ideas, tons of innovation to be consider and indirectly people let the designers know of what they really want in the real world and let them improvise it better, because thats what they’re good at.

Overall, if I was a designer and could go subjectively, I wouldn’t take and recommend crowdsourcing as a way to grow funds. Because what I’m looking for is the pride as the designer itself. The pride to create something people have never done before. When that moment comes, the money will  automatically follow.


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Some means to ideas’ fullfillment

Hey Guys ! 
Having gone through all these assignments that we are handed every week from the day one , I started to become blissfully aware of the opportunities Internet provides you with, if you dig deep enough.

On Week 4, we had the “crowdsourcing and online social structures” assignments. When we first heard the explanation and we were instructed to find crowdsourcing platforms, I had no idea what everyone was talking about. But when we started researching, I came to the conclusion that crowdsourcing is not as complicated as it looked back then. Basically, it is a very user-friendly way of finding people, services and ideas. Most of the designers that have just got into the business have no idea what to start with. They have no funds, no people to work with them. All they have is their ideas. So using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding may come in handy when you don’t know where to go. Provided that people like your design and think that your idea is practical and useful, you may receive the sufficient funds using crowdfunding. You can also find the people or services you need if you know how to use your crowdsourcing and if your product is worth it.

  • Pros:
    On the one hand, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are tools that can realize your dream and help you advance in your Design speciality, or as a matter of fact almost any speciality you want to develop.
    Its easy, cost-effective and doesn’t require any particular skills ( except for skills in your work field of course). You just need to observe and gather information about how to do it properly.
    What’s more is that it is getting more widespread daily , so the opportunities of succeeding using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are extending.
  • Cons:
    Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to that method of raising funds, services and people. To begin with, in my opinion, it is not reliable, so you cannot count on these tools to get all the work done for you. And even if you do everything, that you have to do, you can still fail in getting those little advantages that crowdsourcing and crowdfunding offer.
    Not to mention the fact, that you take all the responsibilities after you acquire all those funds and people. If you don’t deliver the product you said you would deliver, all hell breaks lose and you end up even worse than you were before you used those methods.

    One example is provided by Kraft Foods: the company had to stop the relaunch of “Vegemite”, a product that is very popular in Australia, after a naming contest turned sour (iSnack 2.0)

Lone wolfs

Being a lone wolf, depends more on the individual, than on a particular situation. Maybe the reason why many designers try to go solo, is the lack of trust they have in other people. If you do everything by yourself, if you use only your money and services you only count on yourself. You don’t depend on other people, and if you fail you are not responsible for other people’s money, time or whatever you have crowdsourced. Depending on others gets you vulnerable. You have to meet their requirements as well, not only yours. And I think sometimes the people funding you or helping you, demand that you alter your product so it is compatible with their taste or decision. And when a designer puts their heart and soul in their product and somebody tells them to make alterations to it, it hurts. It also depends on how passionate a designer is about their work.

In conclusion, personally I think that if you are determined, decisive and passionate, you could always think of a way to realize your product and make your dreams come true. People who are passionate about their work, can succeed only by themselves, because there will always be a way, a side door for them. Take Steve Jobs for an example. After he leaves Apple board of directors , he comes up with “Next computers” and shows everybody that he doesn’t need a sea of people and a big company to develop. As a result, 10 years later Apple goes back, as we might say “ begging for mercy”.

However, still crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are a useful way of getting what you need, when you are stuck in a corner and have no idea what to proceed with. So as everything else, they have both their considerable advantages and disadvantages. These tools may come in hand, but you can never rely only on them – you should always have some alternative ideas in your back pocket J
See you next week! Cheers

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