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Project Communities

Good evening,

This week’s blog will be focusing on what has been learned from the course so far.

To begin with, through the weekly process of learning we were able to understand how the different stages of a project should be done. However, the most important aspect I have learned, is regarding how vital for the designers’ work the networking and the proper use of social media are.

So far, the globalization has been increasing and the society has been capable to reach all kind of information for no time and share even larger amount of information. I learned how important our online presence is and that it can always be developed and improved, depending on the its target group.

The design principles for raising online community I have developed during course would be:

  1. Focus on the community’s unmet needs and wants.

Making sure that you understand your community and its requirements would allow you to focus on what is important better and develop it well. Without a clear view, of what is vital for your community, it is impossible to achieve success.

  1. See the “big picture”.

Looking at a particular problem is good, however understanding the cause of it and looking into it from different perspective is also integral part of the designers’ work.

  1. Say what you want to say in simple way.

One should spread his/her message clear and simple. The target group should be able to understand it fast and easy.

 In order to have one positive experience from the course, I would advise next year students to take action and get involved with the project as much as they can. Since, the work has been done for real companies, student have the chance to bring their work to the next level and get involved with actual businesses and NGOs. I would say that it is very important to do your desk research well, so you would have the chance to make better decisions. The course will help you to improve your team work skills and will shed some light of how to proper use the internet space, things that are important for the designers nowadays. 



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3 comments on “Project Communities
  1. Nancy White says:

    Dear Ilya – I think Maggie’s comment is right on the spot. Great advice and design principles. I hope you carry them into the new year.

    Belated thanks


  2. Ghazale says:

    The design principles you developed listed are very interesting and important. It is very interesting to see the different achievements we have through this course. Your design principles remind me of a book named: Identifying Hidden Needs. It is a very interesting book if you want to check it sometime.

  3. Meggie says:

    Typical Ilya post, clear to the point giving your opinion as it is. I like that all your principles are number 1. The big picture is interesting, because when you are really focused in a project it is easy to forget about this. Great to read about your learnings and I can’t wait to see them applied in your next projects.

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