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If it’s ”Hello there!”, why not ”Bye here!”? :)

It’s easy to find your place in the world through communities. I mean, if you are interested in something and people who are usually around you may not care as much as you do about that thing, then online communities can be a way to find people like you. So that can mean that people with same interests can inspire each other, which, if you ask me, it’s the best part. Once a person knows where to look for inspiration the innovative design wouldn’t take so long to come to the white world. And as long as it’s a community, you can still learn from others or help the people who want to develop. Like our community on the . I’ve learned sooo much, thanks to the new friends I’ve made. We exchange experience and we struggle together, which motivates me (and I hope not only me). 

First of all, I like things and information well put, easy to understand but still as comprehensive as possible! So, in a community everything should be shared and used for the better of everyone.

Decentralization- people in a community should be equal. There shouldn’t be nobody on top of everybody else. It would be too not interesting if people listen to just one person and the sense of creativity would be lost or forgotten.

Tolerance- people should listen to all of the opinions in a community, more points of view- more ideas.

Simplicity- in order to be well understood, a person should always express himself/ herself with simple words or pictures.

Brevity- you can leave a space for the people to consider and wonder, maybe develop the brief idea or content you have shared.

For the next year’s class…

Every beginning is confusing, but here, my friends, we don’t deal with confusion, but with confusiasm (Nancy White). :D If you don’t know the meaning now, you’ll figure it out reeeally fast, in the very beginning. Then the only thing for you to do is take the time for completing the assignments and you can enjoy your brand new community full of new friends and other confusiastics. ;)  

There is not much to say or advice. You should get the best out of the course, which is easily achieved by listening to your tutors and follow their guidance. Everything is well structured and with the right pace you can do no wrong. 

I’ve learned much about internet tools. Everything I’ve been taught will be valuable for my future work. Moreover, if I want to work from home, all kinds of internet tools will be more than helpful.

So I guess that’s all for my first time working-on-a-project-with-a-team. It was great and certainly unforgettable experience for me. I hope no one is disappointed and everybody will have fun at the very end.



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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Bobby's Place for Struggling with the UPCOMING
3 comments on “If it’s ”Hello there!”, why not ”Bye here!”? :)
  1. Nancy White says:

    Ah, I like that “decentralized” principle. That is also an essential design and operating element when working in complex solutions. And particularly in big, open networks. Nice observation.

    Thanks for being part of Project Community


  2. Bobby says:

    We have a saying in Bulgaria like that- ”to come to the white world”, it means ”to come true”. I guess it’s something else in English if they also have it, of course 🙂

  3. Meggie says:

    Your writing is really open, it shows who you are and how you experience things. Thanks for that openness. Now you have taken your first steps in your development as an open innovator and I am so curious what type of great professional you will be when you graduate.
    Small question, what do ou mean with “to come to the white world”?

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