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The Toolbox

This week’s assignment is to choose the most important topic of the project community classes we had so far. It is quite hard to pick only one theme of the class that helps our NGO, because Gogorobí Fundation has two unmet needs. So we have to come up with a Fundraising strategy and a strategy to expand the Network. For each of those assignments we have another target group, and that is why we need different tools to get into contact with them and attract their attention. As I talk about these target groups the first step, learning about the forms of communities and later the sizes, already shows that there is not only one topic which is important. As we learned in class to use a spidergram we recognized that there were a lot of needs in our NGO but there were some needs that were more important than others. By that way we discovered for example that projects and acecss to expertise are very important. So the spidergram is a tool that we got to explore and research the needs of our organization better.

The next class taught us a lot about crowdsourcing and online social structures, we recognized that Gogorobí Fundation needs to improve their online network and got as well some Ideas how to use crowdsourcing for the expansion of the network. So that was the first tool that we were given to find solutions.

Later we learned and discussed about group sizes that made us reflect on our own work and aware how other communities might work, I think that was rather a tool to help us improving our teamwork but was not too much related with the goal of helping our NGO with the strategies.

Now we are at the point that we talk about marketing and making a storyboard, the marketing is important for our NGO but the storyboard just for our assignment. The Gogorobí Fundation needs the video, and the storyboard is a tool for our team to make it easier to plan and discuss how we make our video. But marketing is a very important tool for our NGO because they have to find investors and expand theit network, if the would have a bad image no one would like to support them in any way. So our group needs to improve the way the organization is seen by people who don’t know about it and make it more popular. So marketing is a tool that helps us to build up a relationship and attract the people that we found by using crowdsourcing and online social media.

For me it seems impossible to say that one of these tools is the most important to make our goal become true because it is impossible just to work e.g. with the information about group sizes or only the spidergram. Each tool has its own purpose but in the end none of them would be as valuable used separately as they are when they are used as one. One may say that there are tools that help us to find the solutions and that there are tools that help the organization in the end but we may not help the organization if we may not improve the manner of working in our team. This is why I say that it is impossible to chose only one topic that helps the organization.
I see that finally each of the steps we were supposed to take made a sense although it sometimes did not seem to fit our plan. I am until now quite happy with the work of our team, because I do not see, that there is  the typical panic at the end because everything went into the wrong direction and I really hope that it will stay this way and we make our video as we planned it. 

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One comment on “The Toolbox
  1. Meggie says:

    It’s okay to not follow the blog prompts if you can’t really make a choice or somethign along those lines. In that case either clearly say why you can’t choose or just write about something elsein the same topic line that is really closeto your heart. It’s OK to disagree with an assignment. Just make a clear case and show your insights.

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