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The things I have learned

So far we are at the final point of making strategy for the Gogorobi Foundation and I am sure we are going in the right direction. I have been attending all project communities classes and there is one thing I have realized- every time our team thinks that we’ve done our best and there is nothing else to create or to add to the strategy we face to the new technologies or to the new way of working with clients .I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not but after every Monday some of us suggest a new useful idea . We’ve been learning how to use connection technologies like Google Hangout, Meeting words , some kind of design tools like Spidergram,Storyboard , after all  tutors “introduce” us to crowdsourcing,crowdfunding etc.

It’s really hard to distinguish one favourite tool or knowledge, but personally i think that the lesson about group size is one of the most useful,because  now I know which group size creates a perfect working atmosphere for me(6-9 members). Sometimes,when I was working in teams of 4-5 at schools in the end we were stuck due to the lack of ideas and fresh suggestions,also it was rather difficult to divide roles because we simply hadn’t enough people to do all the work . And that led to confusion and even aggressive atmosphere in the group.But now,through all the projcomm assignments we are taught how to  divide roles sufficiently and how to communicate in “our small company”.For example, I remember that day, when we were asked to separate ourselves into smaller groups for the ideas generating , and it really worked! That Monday gave us a lot of new and really valuable ideas.
Personally I feel comfortable in the well organized group where everyone is responsible for each part, where everyone should work hard to reach the final goal.We have 2 weeks left for the final presentation but even now,in the end, we are still generating  something new, when we are playing with the group organization . I think changing the roles,positions in the team is kind of “Freshing up” our brains. And I really appreciate projcomm for giving me information about how useful it can be.

But it doesn’t mean that I don’t care and focus on other tools,it is just what I think about the greatest experience of mine,which I hope would help me not only in future work but also in different situations in life .

So far we are developing our final report and working on the storyboard of the video, and I think that we have done a really good job and now the hardest part is to present our solutions in the simple and proper way. I am asked to response about the greatest solution of our team,but honestly I don’t want to tell all the secretes now,because I am really curious about our video and about our work,and it’s a little bit unfair to tell the interest part here =)

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One comment on “The things I have learned
  1. Meggie says:

    You really apply your knowledge/analysis well to the team. But the next question is of course how well does it help Gogorobi? Try to answer Beth Kanter’s question “What will succes look like in the end? “

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