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Are we really almost there?

It’s really hard to say only one thing is essential. The themes all together form the important thing. At least that’s what I got from all the work we’ve done. We should be able to put research, information, the team’s efforts all together and I think our group it’s on the right way.

I would say that the beginning is very very VERY important, maybe that’s why it’s the hardest part. We should have had our roles from the very beginning, even though we didn’t know each other much. Yeah, everyone back then said ”I could do this…”, ”I could do that…”, but it wasn’t that clear and maybe that was the reason why we had some other problems. But the communication was pretty good so we managed to clear everything up. And we found out that’s the way to succeed- good communication, so we contacted with our NGO really fast and I think that is a good step to be done in the beginning of every project. 

Actually, communication is an answer to everything for me :D. When there is a good communication there is a reason to be confident that you are doing well. And in every aspect, in every theme there is something to do with communication. Which with today’s technology I don’t think it would be a problem. So my point is probably mostly related to the different types of networks ( 

I hope I made myself clear. You might already noticed that I like to put stuff and explain my vision in my own words. And about the solution for our NGO’s unmet need I’m sure we are on the right path. But I don’t get the point why we should tell our group’s solution right before the end… It would be so much fun to watch the video when the time comes. 

In the end I want to say- Enjoy your hard work (once again :D) so that you could enjoy the result in the end (and the whole closing event, of course).


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One comment on “Are we really almost there?
  1. Meggie says:

    But you can give away some of the solution without giving away the surprise of the great video, or not?

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