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Working towards success.

Firstly, I believe that every week’s theme has been of assistance to us in reaching our end goal. After having been introduced to the theme, every week we got insights on how to move on and why we should do it. In addition, personally I learned a lot about how to use the Web for work these few weeks. But after all, there is always something which is most important, depending on the project and the desired goal.

In our specific case, I would say that would be the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding tools. As our NGO’s project is about proposing a successful strategy for raising funds, what’s more useful than these two tools?

 Moreover, the fact that it is about children appeals to people’s minds, which provides the NGO with the opportunity to get funds easier. People always care about the children. And through crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, we can find a cheap way of offering those children what they need – having their traditions and culture preserved.

Another good thing is the publicity those two tools can attract towards our NGO. Every time they gather funds from crowdfunding and succeed in their goal will show people that they do their work properly, which will encourage them to donate on later projects as well.


Well I haven’t succeeded in this type of projects before, but since we learned about crowdfunding and crowdsourcing really soon and I believe they are of paramount importance to our project, I reckon that the forming of the pitch for the fundraising is essential. We need to have an appealing, easy to read and interesting text about the NGO’s goals and maybe a little bit of information about previous achievements. I think the key role in order to accomplish our goal would be our cooperation as a team. If we manage to get on well with each other until the end, I believe we can produce outstanding results.


The solution is to work harder than before and to cover all the angles of our project so that we don’t slip somewhere. I trust my team and I know that we are on the right track, and we are moving with a steady pace, so I think this is the most valuable thing about every project, because without and understanding group, there can be no project. So in the end, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding would be really important for the execution of our goal, though it would have never worked out if we weren’t such a cohesive team.
That’s all folks! J See you next time

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2 comments on “Working towards success.
  1. Meggie says:

    I was just thinking why does he have the same picture as last week? But you forgot this weeks blog post….
    If you still want to write it and get it graded please contact me at

  2. Meggie says:

    You answer the blog prompts Ok but I am really lookign for some more insights. Your answers are still very general and may apply to any crowdfunding campaign or any project team. Try and be more analytical and specific next time.

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