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Reflection on WorkShop Sessions

To begin with, everything we have been learning during the classes so far is giving positive reflection on our group work. I am not surprise, since the aim of this course is to give us directions and clues of how to work with NGOs and shed some light over different topics regarding our projects.

For me every lesson is valuable as long as it is learned. It is hart to line up and try to give a grade to what we have learned, since each theme covers different, vital for the outcome of the process, aspect. However, in my point of view, one of the most beneficial themes, a theme that has increased the creativity of our team and has improved our abilities, is the one about the group sizes.

Since we have relatively large group, consisting of 8 members, in the beginning we had difficulties in distributing the work properly. We did not have an idea, considering the proper use of our group size. Having better understanding on how to divide tasks and how to preserve the diversity of a group, really improved our process.

For example, we are splitting in small groups of two people, if there is a demand for creative, new ideas. Knowing the efficiency of the small group, helped us and now we are able to come up with large number of ideas for little time. Another example is: when we are aiming in developing certain greater tasks, we are forming bigger groups of 3-4 people, as we know, that larger groups work better on further development of a task. I also learned, that there is no impracticable group member, there is incompetent or unrealistic task distribution. Every team unit could be useful, if one is able to find the most proper way of using each member.

I am really happy with the result of this specific topic on our team. I believe, that group size theme is the method that gave the most visible and significant repercussion on the functioning of our group. Therefore, this method will be the one, which has given the larger push towards our final goal. By functioning better, our group was able to come up with larger number, higher quality ideas and to make use of the diversity of its size. We are able to finish tasks quicker and monitor the process better.

I want to share the final solution, which our group has been working on, however I prefer to keep that for the end. I do not want to spoil our story, so to speak. In my point of view, our strategy is pretty accurate, aligns and involves all aspects of the course so far and in the same time is pretty simple and easy to understand. I hope that we succeeded to find a common line between everything: client’s needs and wants, workshop classes and coach sessions and our task. I am really looking forward to finalizing our video and presenting it to you guys.

See you soon. Cheers!


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One comment on “Reflection on WorkShop Sessions
  1. Meggie says:

    Nice analysis! Without givign away the surprise of the video, could you still answer Beth Kanter’s question “What would succes look like?”

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