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Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding nowadays

This week’s block will be focusing on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and how these options reflect on designer’s career.

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are becoming more and more popular and accessible methods for increasing your network and raising money. With the developing of the technologies it is relatively easy for individuals and businesses to attract new people and new capital for little time. Many different platforms are offering diverse ways of doing so online.

So far in the design world I noticed that it is pretty important to be able to create and develop network and be cable of raising money for future projects. As a designer it is not enough to be just involved with the design of a certain product, it is valuable skill the ability to find the right people and get funded.

Croudfunding and crowdsourcing have definitely many positive aspects. To begin with, with the globalization more and more people have access to these methods and therefore it is more likely to achieve something using it. For very short period of time one is able to reach large number of people and that is one really big advantage we can enjoy thanks to the internet.  By researching and looking at different campaigns one is able to compare, to learn and to be inspired from colleges. Due to all crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platforms many dreams have come true and people have been able to help and support each other. So, to summarize all pros of using the above mentioned methods I will say that it is: fast, accessible, cheap, reaches large number of people in no time, easy, user-friendly, helps to support, popular, there is constantly increasing interest in it, brings dreams to life.

However, negative aspects could be found about almost everything that surrounds us. In my opinion, all these pros regarding crowdsourcing and crowdfunding cast shadow on the little number of cons, I am aware of. With the current developments and the large number of competitors it becomes tougher and tougher to succeed and reach your goals using the online space. It is way more difficult to raise money via IndieGoGo for example than it was before. Another negative aspect is the fact that, in order to achieve something, one should put a lot of information regarding his/hers idea online, so it becomes easier for people to duplicate or steal ideas.  I cannot think of more cons concerning crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, in my point of view the positive aspects are way more.

That was all for this week. See you soon. Take care.

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3 comments on “Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding nowadays
  1. Meggie says:

    You are quite to the point, although it is a pity that you focus on funding and not sourcing, I think there is more to say about that. I am surprised that many students are so afraid of having their ideas stolen. I think that in practice it rarely happens.

  2. Yura says:

    I agree with the part where you said about stealing ideas from crowdfunding resources , but don’t you think that the administration of websites have cared about that ,maybe by warning new registered people or by advising some kind of prevention ( for example first to care about patent of your project and only after that uploading it on the website)?

  3. Bobby says:

    Yeah, that’s the biggest problem on the internet, you can hardly protect your information and in this case your ideas. I think that a solution to this problem is when a person posts an idea he or she should think of a catching the attention title and that’s it. If someone wants more details just have to contact the author.

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