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Let’s see if I got it right…

As usual I’ll put it straight- I would probably consider myself to be from those designers that ”go it alone”, because I prefer to do things on my own and not looking for help (unless, of course, I don’t necessarily need it). But I can still see the advantages of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

So as the first advantage I would put the fact that to crowd fund of crowd source you should be very familiar with the internet tools. Or just google :D and from there on you’ll know what to do, as usual. The good things is also that you are not that limited by the borders of your country. Whoever is interested, no matter where he or she or the company is from, could help with funding. Thanks to technology again! Aren’t we lucky? All a person need is to have something to be passionate about and the more technology you add to your project a the closer to your you are! But back to the point. :D 

By using these two options a designer gets more people involved. And when those people talk to other people the idea or the project gains popularity. Whoever hears something about it and is interested in it… yeah, we all know what happens then. :D 

This Monday was different, in my opinion, from the Mondays before because we got to talk to a lady who is experiencing what we are trying to achieve. Her name is Tessa Wernink and she works for this new Fairphone product (I think it’s really cool :D ). So she said that communities are essentials, too. Here is the point where I should say again that I’m a slow person and that could be a big problem sometimes :D. After this conversation I could say ”Ooohh. now I’ve got it!”. For all this time I was convincing myself that I understand everything without doubting and trying to apply this new information from school, but examples are important too. We should be able to see from a side that things actually happen the way we are taught to happen. I don’t want to raise any misunderstandings here so I’ll try to put it in another way. I don’t know if it’s normal or not, but I still get confused at times ”Am I doing this right?”; ”I’m not quite sure about that…”. So I think that’s the reason I’m not giving 100% of me in my work. I’m trying, of course, but I know for myself that I could be more dedicated. And sorry for getting away from the subject, I just wanted to clear this up.

In the end I would say that there is a reason for crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to be widely applied- they work, they are useful. But whoever use the methods should keep in mind that the goals they set have got to be achievable as the introduction video says ( ). And to me, all this process seems to be not only making business but gathering people in a projects which are, well most of the times, for the well being of the world and for a better future :).

Well, I think that’s it for this week. And, guys and gals, be really careful for your health because this flu-virus-thing is awful. Have a nice and productive week. :)


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One comment on “Let’s see if I got it right…
  1. Meggie says:

    You are open and refreshing as usual. You are goign through a learning process and sharing that will get you support. In the same way, ‘Going it alone’ might get you a lower result than exposing your ideas to feedback in an early stage.

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