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week 5

Now we have 2 weeks to finish our project and to come up with some final ideas and solutions to reach our goal( fund the Gogorobi ) and more and more our team goes deeper into crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Personally, I have never heard about these two things before but now I understand how important and useful it can be in order to be successful in different design work.

Some times ago, for example in 60’s you couldn’t imagine that any business can be done without sponsorship from big rich companies or without investing your own money but nowadays the  evolution of people’s abilities grows up rapidly and society understand that they really have power to change the world.

People meet each other in the Internet on specific websites to create and develop any fields of interest they choose , they are sharing with ideas,solutions,investing their own money in projects they find very interesting and perspective.You can see it on such crowdfunding websites as Kickstarter or Indigogo.Personally, I think that it is a great opportunity for creative people with bright mind because sometimes they don’t have a chance to present their project or innovation due to  the geographical,political reasons etc. Even if they have a really great idea ,they wouldn’t get money on that or they won’t be able to advertise their project.Actually I don’t know if it’s right but i think i was participating  the crowdfunding community when I gave 10 dollars to not  popular but very cool music band in Moscow.So,by the help of me and other people they made their new album in much better quality.

The same happens with the crowdsourcing. Business is not only about money. You also need to find experts,professionals,volunteers or just  collect some criticism ( BTW which can be also very important). And what you can offer to people living in the small towns or somewhere you can’t find anything?? Of course the Internet! What can be a better place for sharing your ideas  and to find people you need?There are a lot of forums,questionnaires for example the Surveymonkey where you can collect opinions of other people. By the way, my sister now is doing her entrepreneurship on the 3d course in Erasmus, she is working in the company which makes electronic devices such as chargers,coverings for the phones and one day she sent me a link to the to answer some questions she needs (she was collecting opinions of phone users) and I found it  very useful to work with this website because everything  done in an easy way,it has a nice interface etc.So, I think crowsourcing is something that can really help you,especially when you are making a design project.

So,let’s talk about pros and cons of crowdsourcing.

1.access to the biggest field of people’s very easy to find and also work with crowdsourcing websites can not only find comments on your project but even meet people that would like to work and to develop idea with you or investers
4.It doesn’t take  a long time to create a blog or to sign up for a forum 
5.A big amount of specific thematic websites

1. there are no any filters of information going to the Web. So, you’d probably follow someone’s bad advice

2. Sometimes it’s very hard to explain your idea via blogpost or presentation. You have no connection to your followers and you probably wouldn’t explain your project very properly .

3. You should have some basic skills of using the Internet   and tools.


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2 comments on “week 5
  1. Meggie says:

    Ha, I just thought of the same question as Stefan. You make an analysis but you leave out the conclusion. I don’t mean as a yes or no but abotu how to weigh the pros and cons. But at last you seem to have an informed view.

  2. Stefan says:

    And would you use a method like these two, or you would rather go solo without their help?

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