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Design and Crowds.

Crowdsourcing, the first thing I would do if my company suddenly ran out of ideas, capitals, or employees. Most companies who pick crowdsourcing as it’s way to achieve success will end up doing crowdfunding but, if it fails the company is either “not smart enough” or “not doing much enough”. It is one of the easiest way to obtain capitals because its basically comes from people who wants to donate or maybe investors. However, if seen from designers perspective I don’t think it is a good call to make.

First of all, the main purpose of most designers is to become well-known to the world that their design is either really good or really useful and handy. When a designer “crowdsource” that means he/she lets people know what is the purpose of the design and also his/her own innovation. Someone who has better ideas might  steal his innovation and set the patent earlier than the designer. That could be one of the disadvantages of crowdsourcing in design. Designers who undergo this strategy is mainly targeting for quick and easy money and popularity. That’s why from my perspective, its not so beneficial for designers to see this as a good call. Because basically designers goals are acknowledgements, pride, and patent, not the money itself. However if done right, crowdsourcing would give the designers tons of ideas, tons of innovation to be consider and indirectly people let the designers know of what they really want in the real world and let them improvise it better, because thats what they’re good at.

Overall, if I was a designer and could go subjectively, I wouldn’t take and recommend crowdsourcing as a way to grow funds. Because what I’m looking for is the pride as the designer itself. The pride to create something people have never done before. When that moment comes, the money will  automatically follow.


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2 comments on “Design and Crowds.
  1. Meggie says:

    “When that moment comes, the money will automatically follow.” That is a very naive way of seeing design. Do you really hink that all it takes is originality? And somebody will come along and start making moeny for you?
    It’s OK if your thoughts on the design world are still a bit naive, we haven’t taught you about that yet. But with regrds to crwodfunding and crwodsourcing you should be able to be more structured in your reflection/evaluation

  2. Friederike says:

    I absolutely agree with you, that crowdsourcing could make the ideas of a designer to obvious and his ideas might be stolen by someone else, but i just partly agree with the crowdfunding, because i think it really depends on what products you are designing.

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