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Me and the Team.


There are eight persons in my group and together we are working on a project for NBO. During previous weeks work process is going well. There are two meetings scheduled for every week to discuss our goals, to divide tasks and to check previous work done. Also on the Project Community classes our team have an opportunity to spend some time managing our questions and answers, ask one of the tutors for advice and give useful feedback to each other.

In my opinion the size of our group is almost perfect, what is a good luck because we are eight different personalities with individual ideas. After creating basic rules and some time we have reached better understanding and hearing of an each team member. The impact of the size is that we have enough different ideas and points of views to choose the best option. Moreover, in groups of two or three we can carry out divided tasks more sufficiently. And in the end of the meeting we can share opinions and make a final decision together.

The cultural difference between us is interesting for me and for others as I noticed.  We can learn about special features of other countries and share experience of living in different societies. I do not feel any miscommunication or misunderstanding as soon as we are speaking one language during meetings. We are respectful and friendly with each other and successfully using our cultural differences.

What really challenging me is my personal goal to organize productive studding process and get used to university’s system of things going on. Also I want to improve my communication skill because I am quite silent person. It is going well thanks to my colleagues who are nice and open-minded people.

So far the group’s work as I said is going well, that is why I cannot say one thing that we should change or add to improve the working process. If everyone will do his and her part on time and participate in discussions productively, the work will be done correctly and on time.

In the end I would like to add this short video about brainstorming and criticism during creating ideas. It will be useful for everybody to watch.

Gleb Semerna.

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One comment on “Me and the Team.
  1. Meggie says:

    Great, you brought in an external source. And what do they say you need: debate and dissent! Well I will be expecting some debate and dissent from you then 😉 (All for the benefit of the group) You seem to have enough understanding of the group and how it works and what you do and need. Keep it up!

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