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Teamwork and reflection!

In todays blog post I will reflect on how we are working together as a team.What works well is that we communicate regularly who is doing what, people do their tasks and inform the others if they cannot come to a meeting. Everybody has a chance to say what he or she thinks and their opinion is respected.

The challenge of working in a team is that we have to make sure that everybody is doing a similar amout of work, and everybody is satisfied with the decisions we make. But I think this is already working out quite good, though we would maybe sometimes need more input of ideas to discuss. Because the more ideas the bigger the chance that we can pick a great one. Sometimes we have problems to communicate in a group of eight people, because everybody wants to contribute something, so it would be better to divide the group into subgroups. If we come to an agreement in these small groups it will be easier to make a decision in our small community.

That already refers to the size of the group. Our group is quite large for a project, it is not that easy to make a decision that eight people agree with than a decision in which only three people have to agree in one point. Small groups may be leaderless, but the larger a group is the more organization is needed that is the reason why large groups have to have a leader and small groups can be leaderless and the result of the work may be satisfying for every member.Large groups have the advantage of a greater pool of ideas and samller groups can make decisions faster. I found a quite interesting article on this from Oxford Brookes University (

As we are a group of international students one might think that there might occur problems because we think in a different way. We have indeed different cultural backgrounds, but I do not really recognize that when we are working together. There are the different types of people that usually always appear in groups, we have people that take a more leading role, than others that prefer to wait until someone tells them what to do. But that would be the same in a group with students of just ne nationality. Sometimes communication is difficult, but that is rather a language than a cultural problem. We are all open minded and can thus work well together. Maybe the different ways of thinking make us even more creative.

Sometimes we get off track with fulfilling our tasks, we have difficulties with connecting the main goal with our concept and the goal of the class, this showed up in the “spidergramm-confusiasm”. But we try to manage that, we divide tasks, so that everybody may do something he or she is good at or is interested in. This keeps us being motivated. The different class goals make us change our concept often, but taking a step back must not be a bad thing, as we already learned this often just improves our approach. Today we had a meeting and talked a lot about the introduction of our video, but then realized suddenly that we maybe first should think more about our suggestions how to raise the funds.

In order to improve our work we should maybe first make a statement in every meeting where we are now, then think about what has to be the next step, and at the end of each meeting think about what when well and what did not. We might as well divide tasks in a way that we can work together in pairs. We already tested that today, so did Warisra and me work on the introduction of the video, made a storyboard and chose some photos.
I think it is really important to keep on reflecting our group work further on so that we can constantly improve it !

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Freddy and the Preservation of Caribbean Tradition
2 comments on “Teamwork and reflection!
  1. Bobby says:

    Hey, I read your blog and I realised how many things I missed to write about 😀 …you are right that we have to make more reflections…but we have to be more precise as well…so yeah, I agree with you…and I’m glad to have all you guys in my first team 🙂

  2. Meggie says:

    Very good, well structured, honest analysis of what’s going on and including an external source! Keep up the good work.

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