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Good day everyone,

This week I will be writing about teamwork and more specific about how things in class in our project communities group are going on.

To begin with, the ability to work in teams has always been one important and valuable skill. Wherever you go, to schools, to employers or to business owners, they are all interested to hear about your team working skills. From ages till now people have been successfully surviving and developing mainly because of their ability to team up and work in groups. People are able to reach and achieve higher and higher heights thanks to the capability of exchanging experience, ideas, thoughts and share common goals. I believe that people are much stronger in groups and therefore the society has been divided into different types of groups: countries, cities, business organization, non-profit organizations and so on.

Furthermore, I am really happy with the work of our group so far. I think that each of our members is motivated enough to work properly and is willing to participate in every given opportunity. I enjoy working with them, the atmosphere is pleasant and friendly, which is important and allows us to perform better. Everybody has been delivering his/her work on time and is been conscious about the tasks. There is mutual understanding and till that point everything is going smoothly.

Since we are first year students there are of course some challenges that our group has been through. There was confusion at the begging regarding who is supposed to do what. We were not certain what kind of roles should we assign to each other and how to equally distribute them. We had some misunderstanding regarding the attendance of our group meetings and the attendance of the classes involving our project. However, we created a group contract, which has been approved by all group members, so we made sure, that for the future everybody will be aware of the rules. Moreover, with the time we reached a point where we understood what is required form us, thus we were able to assign roles and start doing different tasks one by one.

This week we had very valuable class with lecturers and coaches shedding light on how to properly use the size of our groups. We learned that smaller groups work better on creative tasks and that if you divide one big group into several smaller once, each group would come up with number of different ideas or solutions. So in groups of more than six members we are going to start losing the opportunity that diversity is giving. This for example is one very useful lesson, since we were not sure how to suitably use the large size of our group and how to benefit from the variety of nationalities and cultures that we have. So far, I cannot recognize typical cultural stereotypes in our group and in my opinion everybody is giving his/hers best.

For the future we will be definitely trying to apply what we have learned this week about group sizes. We are going to work in smaller groups in order to generate more ideas and in larger groups if we want to develop certain concept. I believe that the new methods will improve our work and everyone is looking forward to see the results.

Thank you for your time :) See you next week!


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4 comments on “TeamWork
  1. Meggie says:

    The blog is fine, you are following the assignment but it could be better if it had more detail and/or showd a bit more of your personal experience. Maybe use the STARR method next time?
    I like the discussion with Frederieke. I think it is easy to work together well in this phase despite cultural differences. I wonder if you will start to see them more towards the deadline when stress rules more than the social norms πŸ™‚

  2. Iliya says:

    I did not get the point you are trying to make there…. and most certainly I do not see the connection between the topic of my blog and your comment, whoever you are.

  3. Iliya says:

    yeah, exactly. Thanks to the globalization we are able to achieve better communication with different cultures and integrate faster than previous generations πŸ™‚

  4. Friederike says:

    I was as well not able to really recognize the cultural differences in our group. Can you imagine, that this has something to do with that we have “grown up digital”, we are all in a way used to communicate with people from other cultures and have already adapted so much to that, that we are able to communicate with every person around the globe, that our generation does have much less cultural differences than our parental generation?

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