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Being part of a team

Every group, gathered in order to complete a particular task, at some point, has its problems. After all, we are eight people with different thinking, from different countries, who met only 5 weeks ago. However, as surprisingly as it may seem, our group haven’t experienced big problems. Almost always we agree with each other, because every time someone proposes an idea to the group, they back up their opinion. No one in our group has ever made a bad decision, yet, and I hope it would stay that way. We had some organisational issues at the beginning, but we figured that out and now we are working on full power.

As my role in the group is defined as the “note taker”, I have to write down everything that is related to our group’s project. I also do researches on different subjects and most often I am responsible for the visual part of our tasks. I think my position in the group is working quite well for me, I am in the exact place I want to be, and I am really happy with my group. They work extremely hard and that motivates me to the maximum.

What challenges me most, is maybe the fact that we have never done any project like this before, so we get a little lost from time to time, as this is all new and I feel like we are really stepping into the real world. That’s what intimidates me most, because I personally have never done anything like that project in school. I’ve always found the transition from school to university really scary, owing to the fact that the whole environment changes and life just gets

a lot more serious. We have no time to act like spoiled students skipping school and bending the rules every chance we get anymore. Our future depends on determination and hard-work, not on going out every night.


I am not sure if “impact” can be used both in a good and bad sense, but I think that being so many people in the group has brought us only positive aspects for now. Everyone has some individual skills, different from others, so for each part of every task we have someone who is more “specialized” than the others and can help us accomplish it with no considerable difficulties. Furthermore we can all learn from each other and get better at the things we are not so familiar with.


So far, we haven’t come across any cultural differences, more like benefit from them because everyone who has a different culture can show a personal way of learning and doing things. I can also feel I am extending my cultural knowledge on a daily basis which is fantastic. Absorbing basic information about the different nationalities, I can grasp the opportunity to understand other nations, which is an invaluable asset for my future cooperation with people from these countries.


I am really happy with the way our task is reaching its achievement point, because of the dedication everyone in the group shows to get the task done. As the weeks were passing by every group member became perfectly aware of what we have to do, so now it feels like we all put our minds into one, and combine our knowledge in order to reach success.

In conclusion, I am totally satisfied with the way things are going, and the direction we are headed. However, I still think, personally for me, that I have to work harder and put more effort into my parts of the tasks we are given, so maybe what I want to change is the amount of time I put into the Project Community subject, because I must not disappoint my team members. I also believe that me, and the group as a whole should start asking more questions, whenever we have something unclear.Knowledge is gold, and I know that the tutors and the people we are having weekly handouts with, have a lot to learn us and that’s why we have “dig out” that gold mine we are sitting on.

Thanks for your attention.
See you next week J

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One comment on “Being part of a team
  1. Meggie says:

    So from now on golddigger will be a positive label! You blog post is fina, it follows the assignment but for me to really connect I would like to read more details/examples. Maybe use the STARR methodnext time. You seem to have a good understanding of your group and your role, so keep up the good work!

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