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Week 5 ( Teamwork)

This week reflective blogpost is basically referring to teamworks.

It’s been 5 weeks since the group 5 was declared and of course, our group’s gap seems to be fading and fading away. Each of the members have finally arrived in condition where no one hesitate to speak up anymore. The group work actually goes fine and gets better every time.

Our group’s structure is also designed as best as possible and our group leader Illiya, is successfully chosen and does his job best. I like the way the group works and how each member contribute in each task. Every work is done on time and well and we have no problem in picking who’s doing what. Basically, each of us have to understand the task first, then Illiya would explain it for us in simpler way, then we choose who wants to do what so we can work it out in the best way. Sometimes, one or two members do more works than he/she suppose to do and that what makes me in love with this group. Its not only about doing our main job, but also helping others in doing theirs and that’s how we improve really quickly.

The only challenge in our group is about communicating issue. Doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t communicate, but we communicate a lot. Sometimes the conversation of 2 different topics suddenly crash somehow and the result is one or two members couldn’t really understand the task. That makes Illiya have to explain it over and over again and if we keep doing that the time for us to get the job done is decreased and decreased. But don’t worry because we’ve talked about that recently and we’re trying to figure out the best way to solve it.

Our group size is actually kind of big and that gives us positive impacts, but sometimes it also gives us the negative impact for some tasks either. For the positive, more members of course more input. More input leads to more ideas and if we work on the ideas effectively, we could get a task done in no time. Unfortunately sometimes, due to excessive of ideas we couldn’t decide on what we should put as a priority and that costs us some time to get the job done. More members also makes us hard to agree upon something since we have to consider a lot of aspects in the decision making.

About the culture, we never had a problem with that because we talk in the universal language which is english. For the members who have the same mother tongue, they also speak in english to each other in the group and for that, I wanna give you guys a lot of respect.

Although the overall of our group is totally fine, I still want us to improve and for that to happen, I would start by myself. By doing better work, get to the meeting on time, do more research than before, speak up more in the group and so on. Hopefully each of the members would do the same thing and get inspired by each other so we can get better and better until we become the best.


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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Ibi Muljosantoso
3 comments on “Week 5 ( Teamwork)
  1. Meggie says:

    Indeed, fast talk here. But it also means your English is suffering. Try to remember your grammar rules and the right word order in sentences. The points are clear however and I like your honesty about needing to improve yourself first.

  2. Iliya says:

    Hey, thanks for your kind words, Ibi! πŸ™‚

  3. warisra says:

    oh dude, you rite the blog so fast haha… Anyways, you write very clearly so it is easy to understand. I could hear you narrating this blog of yours πŸ˜€ Thumbs up

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