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Groupblog #1 – week 5

Groupblog – Group 5

The topic of this week is Work Teams. For this we analysed the teamwork of our own group.


Our group consists of eight people, this is quite ironic since during the intro of this class, it is said that it is better to work in smaller group. Any who, we do understand this, so that is why for this week, we split the work up into smaller groups and work on small projects. You can read what those are in our STARR analyse.

This is our STARR analyse from our group:

Situation: At the moment we are at the insight phase, we have already gathered a lot of information about Gogorobi Foundation and will probably gather some more, by keeping in contact with Sheyla, our contact person. We think we are ready to come up with a strategy after we discuss the last mails we received from Sheyla.

Task: For today we decided to start on the intro of our final video, since for this we already have enough info for this part.

Action: We divided some tasks:

-        for the video: narrator(Glen), editor(Yura), author(Illya), cameraman(Stefan), picturesseeker(Frederiek);

-        the rest without a task are going to keep working on the strategy plan.

Result:  Our goal is to gain useful information and valuable insight from this week’s task. For example: By filming the intro now, we can send it to Sheyla and ask feedback from her, so we don’t have stress about that when the deadline is close by.

Reflection: Until now we did not really discover any flaws, except for the beginning. We had some miscommunication about our own meeting, people that are not showing up or are late. To cope with this problem we made rules for our group, which can be found in our facebook group.

The second flaw we found is, actually very common knowledge, listening to each other while someone is speaking and not starting individual conversations. We are trying to work on this though.


Group 5

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One comment on “Groupblog #1 – week 5
  1. Meggie says:

    Nice group blog, you guys are workign tgether quite well and know what you’re on about. About the grouprules, are you guys really Always following them? The 2ndflawis very common, but anyway good that you noticed is and try to work on it.

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