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What do I use the Internet for?

That is anyhow a question I have never asked myself.
I think I use social media as much as everybody else in my age does. But the platforms for social media change and so did I change them as a user. First just using ICQ for a chat with my friends which is now replaced by the facebook chat. It takes more and more time to care for our social contacts on the internet, because people post a lot of things that are not really important, change their profile picture three times a day and we have to keep on filtering faster and faster what is important and what is not. If you are not able to do that or are easily distracted social media may become a real problem. I often have to tell myself that I don’t have to look that often on what people wrote me on facebook. Facebook as a mostly private network, compared to services like linkedIn has the tendency to really make people become internet-addicted, because you always think, that you miss something important. When I use facebook I usually write with one person, but for teamwork  for example this project communities project it can be very useful to have a group chat for discussing when to have the next meeting. But when using it for discussions about specific questions using a group is more suitable.
Facebook is not only a platform to interact with your “true” friends but as well with your “facebook-friends” for example fellow students or colleagues. At least I think it is better to keep facebook rather private, and interact officially via e-mail.
I don’t think I am interacting with a bigger network than people I know from somewhere, so I never asked anything on public pages or forums, neither did I answer any questions there, but I have to admit that when googeling some questions these forums often have some helpful tips although it sometimes is a lot to read. There are so many different forums at so many pages, for example my highschools homepage, pages with recipes, about cheating in video games at least there are forums about everything. That means I don’t interact with the wider network directly. I am just using information provided by these networks.
All in all I would say that staying in contact and researching are the main things I use the internet for. But I don’t think that researching really causes an interaction in this way because it is very one-sided.
For communication I usually use chats in facebook or WhatsApp. But since I live here in Holland I really started to like Skype. I never was somebody who was hanging on the phone for hours, but actually I am very happy now that technology makes it possible to stay in contact with my family, that I can see and talk to them. 

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Freddy and the Preservation of Caribbean Tradition
2 comments on “What do I use the Internet for?
  1. Meggie says:

    Your blog gives good insight in your internet use and how you see it. However the reflection on the me-we-network is sort of in there, but I really have to look for it. Next time please share some links to the things you are talking about.
    And a remark on the side; your use of ‘at least’ is puzzling to me.

  2. ibims says:

    Hello Freddy,
    I read through your blog and I found it interesting that you concentrate your network on Facebook(probably, haha!). Although, you also mentioned another social medias which is also good. Keep up the good work !

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