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Always online.

I am very surprised that 4th week blog questions would be so astonishing, because the role of the Internet in my life is something that really made me who I am now.
My parents bought me a computer when i was 8 and when i first pushed the start button on the  screen and put the CD with a game, i felt like i am discovering a new world with its own rules and  customs.
I clear  remember the day when I first recognized the Internet. I was sitting in front of the TV screen watching some movies while my sister was typing something on the keyboard.It was amazing for me what was going on and why she is typing so many and fast and what for??When I asked her, she told me something like “Oh I have no time to explain”, but i managed to remember the interface of the screen. It was very strange because I had never met this type of video games and. In the evening that day i persuaded her to introduce me the new game, and that was the starting point of discovering the world of Internet.Of course it was not a game, it was Facebook, and after some time i got used to this website, i found my classmates,friends,people from other countries and  it’s still my favorite website . Facebook gives me opportunity to communicate with friends from Armenia(my Motherland) and I found Facebook very useful and helpful for me.

Step by step I was going deeper in the Net, and since the first time i opened Google,Youtube they are still in my “Top sites”. I cant imagine my life without Internet because nowadays it is the biggest and the most convenient platform for sharing and finding information, marketing,advertising. If i have a question I ask the Internet about    it , if i have a problem I am searching for the solution on the Internet.If i have a bad mood I go on Youtube and watch some funny videos.It doesn’t mean that I am addicted to the Internet but I don’t mind use it when it’s really can help you. But on the other side it’s sometimes time-consuming and sometimes i am putting off my main duties in order to surf my time off in the Web.

Recently I have discovered more useful side of the Internet in forms of search engines,educative websites like Investopedia(I came across this website when i was working on the project communities. It is site where a lot of information about fundraising companies and finances is given).

Also, as i am interested in music and movies i was looking for a simple way of downloading them for free. And I found a lot of useful websites like, and others. The are still providing me with good music and videos =))

Since I discovered Internet,it has freed me in different ways,not only am i now able to connect and communicate with people all over the world but also it has given me the opportunity to rediscover my inner world. i am happy to be part of the big community called “The Internet”.


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One comment on “Always online.
  1. Meggie says:

    Finally a blog that includes links! You get bonus points for actually sharing some links and giving concrete examples. Your own reflection on whre you stand on the me-we-network spectrum is not very clear. But the sharing is good, keep up the sharing!

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