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Me and Society

Nowadays almost every single person on the planet has Internet, and makes use of it. That “cyborg mania” is becoming more and more widespread. Little children know more about their Ipads than their parents. Personally, I have been astounded by the opportunities that Internet provides us with since I first got the grasp of it. Starting with a Bulgarian social platform, on to facebook, youtube, gmail later on and I realized the online space is growing bigger and bigger. These days it is almost impossible not be involved with online spaces, even if you do not want to.

As I always thought there is no way communicating online can replace in person contact, I have not been keen on interacting online so much. However, as I was growing up I started finding this more and more difficult since all my friends did that. That led to my signing up on facebook, twitter etc. and then it all came to light. You can ask anyone about anything all over the world. Following, this “online communication” extended my capabilities to such extent, that I could learn almost everything I have ever wanted or needed. In my opinion, I prefer researching by myself, because of the good feeling you get when you find and understand what you were looking for. Nonetheless, sometimes you need to contact a specialist in the particular area you are researching and what better way to do that than over the Internet ?

I consider myself more an individual type of person, so I am only affiliated with groups regarding to my work (or studies). I just do not find facebook, or twitter groups with no practical purpose of much use. Moreover, I always try to find the solution of my problem single-handedly before I start reaching out to others. However, I love connecting with people who perceive the same goals as me, therefore I do not hesitate to contact and communicate with them.

Having been led down by a lot of people in my life, I became mistrustful and that maybe is the reason why I do not feel comfortable sharing everything on the net and communicating so much online. Much safer is doing the work by yourself so that if you fail – you are to blame, if you succeed – you will be sure that the success comes from you and nobody else. And if you need some additional information, you could always ask Uncle for the answer. This is by far the best online tool I have ever seen in my life. It is simple, fast and it can help you acquire knowledge in almost every particular field. Youtube is also categorically one of my favourites – as it contains a whole lot of video lessons concerning different subject – Photoshop, Drawing, Autocad, Astronomy, Mathematics or whatever you can think of.

To sum up, I believe Internet is an essential part of today’s lives, as it comprises a vast amount of accessible information. The online tools Internet provides us with make everything even simpler and easy to learn. However, it cannot replace one‘s mind, and it definitely cannot come up with a solution to your problems – you are given the tools, but you have to find the way to use them correctly by yourself. What is more, having a great team of people working with you are a much more valuable asset than the Internet by itself.

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2 comments on “Me and Society
  1. Meggie says:

    Almost every single person? 35% As of last year June There are way more people connected via mobile phones
    Your story gives some insight in how you use the internet and what your preferences are. But still it is very general and you don’t give any details or examples to enlighten your readers further. Have you ever actually been able to contact some specilaist for an answer via the internet? Who and what was the question. What are those personal goals of yours that help you connect to ther people. Give me some links to thos amazing courses that you found on youtube?

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