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Evaluation of “Me, We, many” group forms

The 4 I’s.

The itch: It always comes from an individual mind. It does not matter, who gets the itch as we are a group and we work together. Once somebody has got an itch, they share it with the other group members to research over it so that the group could get familiar with the individual’s hunch. This is where the Insight comes in (We).

Every group member starts researching and this leads to incredible team work. We start roaming the internet to produce an idea which leads to connecting to the network (many).

Having gained the information from the Internet, everybody starts to come up with possible ideas which we later on discuss and then we decide the most appropriate one. Another possible solution is bringing the ideas together and creating a complex, sophisticated one. This part includes the individual’s mind as everyone thinks of their individual ideas which later on are coincided with the others’.

Finally the Impact comes as a solution to the problem. Everything is taken care of and all we need is bringing the idea to life. The Internet comes as our angel guardian, providing us with the opportunity of spreading the group’s ideas and making them public and accessible.

Kind Regards ! Group 5.

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2 comments on “Evaluation of “Me, We, many” group forms
  1. waireye says:

    Yo, could you maybe put something like “Groupblog #1” or something so it is a bit easier to search it back? Or tag it? 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Meggie says:

    Wow, it’s the group blog! Thank you so much for sharing how you cross-reference the 4 I’s to the Me, We, Network. Please remember this post, and check back on it once you get some classess on Design Methodology to check out how close to mark you were.

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