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Something called Technology

Hi everyone! This is the second week of Project Community and it’s getting hot =)
We had our 2nd Google Hangout with Nancy and Alan and other groups and I finally found out how it works =) I didn’t expect  8 groups can talk with each other without interrupting and any tech. problems, so that’s why it was surprising for me.
Also we worked on the “spidergram”- I find this type of analyzing information very efficient because you are concentrating only on main and really valuable things. 
It was rather difficult for me to remove all details and to make 5-6 clear points.

Lets go with reflection =) 
Nowadays Internet and computer technologies are developing rapidly and it’s very difficult to come up with them. Just imagine  that you are out of the Net and you have no computer and when you are back in the Internet you may not understand what are people are talking about!(That’s how i felt when everyone was talking about Instagram and I just didn’t have a clue what the hell is Instagram).

I am using the Internet since 10 years old and it really changed my life. I just don’t imagine   my life without such websites as Google, Wikipedia,Youtube and others.
It’s really amazing how Internet technologies can make people’s life easier. For example , for  me Facebook is the most convenient way of communicating( with my Project Comm groupmates) , but i don’t spend hours just sitting in front of the computer and waiting till someone would wright me =)But sometimes it’s pointless to share with your information in the Internet,because it is a big field and everyone can see everything about you,even if you don’t want to.I am trying to give less personal information because as the “Grown up digital” book says - “I don’t want my photos from the parties be on my  chief’s table ” and i totally agree with that =)

So,lets speak about skills. I was using   Photoshop and I have a dream that someday i will become a master =)  I know some guys from our group have an experience working with Photoshop and i am going to learn some secrets from them =)

Also, I was working with Final Cut Pro - program for editing videos. I was forced to do that because our music band wanted to make a video but we didn’t have enough money to pay professionals,by the way we made it beautiful =))

I  also had a deal with Cubase,Logic Pro - programs for creating and editing music and i think i have enough skills to do something really interesting and qualitative.

If we are talking about internet tools,then i can surely  say about Holy Google =)
It helps me in lots of situations when i don’t know what to do.And I think I am pretty pro in searching =)) So, this can be valuably for my group.

Finally, I am always learning and I hope that i will know more about Net technologies.I am sure they can help me not only for doing my IDE assignments  but also can assist me with working on big projects and communicating with clients.So, i am excited about our next Project Community Week =)

Honestly, i think i can’t see some other group’s unmet needs,because every group is at the starting point and they are deciding which way,direction to choose and how to continue . But I am always open to them to help with some work =)



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2 comments on “Something called Technology
  1. Meggie says:

    Yura! In our meetings you are very quiet but here I get a really good impression of who you are. Great. I think that you missed Alan’s ‘Think Web’blogpost. Where are those pictures that you photoshopped, where is the link to the video of the band? What instrument do you play? Maybe someone knows of an online tool to get all musicians in IDE together.

  2. Iliya says:

    It is interesting for me to read that you have been using so many different softwares. I would like to learn more about how to use Cubase or Photoshop. I believe your skills will be pretty useful for our team.

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