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Technologies in our society

Hello everyone,

This week’s blog will be focusing on the online aspect of our lives. As we know, nowadays technologies are all around, so they become “necessity” rather than a luxury. In order to stay in touch with family and friends, to keep up with the current world situation, people have been using different technologies. Thanks to the internet we are able to be share information and communicate fast and easy. With the popularization of the social networks, today, it is a “must” to have a social profile and basically to represent your identity there. For example, in our university we have a selection of social network groups for the dissimilar tasks in class, so without having a profile on Facebook or other required social network, it becomes impossible to successfully graduate.

However, internet deserves to be at the place it is, occupying leading positions of society’s priority list, since it have been improving and facilitating that much our lives so far. I am happy, that I am capable of contacting all my close persons right away, for almost no money, and I can stay informed 24/7.

Different social networks must and are used for different activities and purposes. I personally have been using facebook in order to contact with family, friends and simplify my communication with school mates. On facebook people could expose latterly all their lives: relatives, close people, what their preferences regarding every aspect of the life are, where they are going, what they are currently working and so on and so on. I believe that the actual border between the privacy and the public has been blurred and many people have lost the track of it. On my facebook profile I am trying to share only basic information, which I think would be enough for my current and future facebook friends.

Furthermore, I have been using Twitter as an informational tool. I have been focusing on following people who I admire or I would like to learn something from. So far, I developed a network concentrated on a subject I am keen on, so I am able to be in touch with the latest news regarding it. Twitter could be used for many different marketing strategies. It can be useful in finding individuals from a certain target group, an activity that could turn to be very expensive for the businesses and personal projects. One can also use twitter in order to find out what people are currently speaking about. So for example: I have a shoe store and I want to know what people think of the latest shoe collections on the market. Twitter has this option that allows you to search posts and conversations by words, so you can just type “latest shoe collection” and see what has been said concerning it.

As mentioned above, I have been using the diverse social networks for different purposes. I believe I will have the chance to apply my knowledge on school projects in the future. So far, I was only involved with the communication aspect of our project, since I have some experience in this area. I would be more than happy to share what I know and what could be useful for somebody. Right now, I do not know what exactly would turn to be important and valuable, however I would be willing to share everything I know about social networks and their different roles as marketing tools.

Up to know, I have not noticed particular “unmet need” of the groups in our class. What I see is pretty much a confusion of what exactly is required from the project and groups looking for the right direction. However, uncertainty appears in our group as well, so it would be hard for me to identify specific problem of the other groups, especially a need that I could help with. In my opinion, it is a little bit too early to be that much involved with the work of others and team have not been worked long enough, so one would be able to recognize exact problems and present some support. 



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7 comments on “Technologies in our society
  1. Nikita says:

    Good that you managed to cover everything, literally every topic we mentioned in class, so this blog post could be a legitimate recap of the workshop.
    I liked the idea of uploading only “basic info that would be just enough for your current and future Facebook friends”, I might actually go through my details with this concept in mind.
    Similar to Yura, I did not realize the obvious advantages and profitable uses of Twitter, so big thanks for that information!

  2. Iliya says:

    Yes, it is really nice to see that people are able to find useful information on my blog. One of things I use twitter is to build up my network with other people interested in financial markets. I am currently trading stocks, bonds, options and trading on Forex (currencies) market as well. However, I still consider myself as a beginner and therefore I spend most of my time on reading and learning rather than on actual trades. Twitter helped me to connect with some remarkable people involved also in this area of the business. Moreover, I can ask questions and get first hand information from names that I would only have been dreaming about without Twitter.

  3. Meggie says:

    It’s great to read that people felt they could learn something from your blog isn’t it? I think that a key aspect in that result was that you used an example to explain the usefulness of twitter. Now i’m just still really wanting to find out what that subject is that you’re so keen on. Care to share?

  4. Yura says:

    I was always thinking that Twitter is some kind of website where people are constantly complaining about their life and sharing with their hate =)
    But after reading your paragraph, I have found that it can be also a big platform for collecting information about people’s preferences and tastes,which is very significant for running a business(especially when your business is connected with making new products)

  5. ibims says:

    Nice explanation and clear points you were trying to make there bro. I even used your essay as my references hahaha sorry dude 😀

  6. ibims says:

    i read through your essay and I think your points are really clear due to your explanation. I even used your essay as my references hahahah Sorryyyy dudeeeee

  7. Friederike says:

    You’re so right that it is a “must” to have a facebook account to sucessfully graduate, otherwise it is much more difficult to get information that you need, but it is indeed not impossible.
    I found the paragraph about twitter very interesting, because I have never been using it and do not know many people who actually use it, so that gave me a little insight into it’s possible advantages!

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