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Spidergram-confusion and social media

The second week working on the project communities project turned out to being very confusing. In the first week we had already figured out how to approach our project, what we needed to research and who would be responsible for which part. We talked over what we had found out shared our documents on our facebook group, already had some answered questions from our contact person in the Gogorobí Foundation. But then there was this assignment to make a spidergram about the needs of the Foundation.  This really confused me, because we had had our plans and now were asked again to make a new kind of diagram showing what would be important to know about the Foundation. It seemed like going one step backwards again to have a look whether we had done everything in the right way and really had thought about which aspects were important and which were not.
Looking at the work of the other groups group two seems t have figured out a quite similar spidergram for the Gogorobí Fundation as our group did, so I think we have done in the right way after discussing the meaning of the assignment for about one and a half hours.
As I have not seen the answers of the questions that the other group asked Sheila Payne (our contact person in the foundation) I cannot say how we could help them or how we can support them with our knowledge and/or skills.

As Mondays class was not only about the spidergram but as well about our digital identity and technological knowledge i would like to say that I am not really sure whether my computer skills my help our group with the preparation of the presentation, because I can work with drawing and photo editing programmes but never would call myself an expert. So if anybody has a question about that stuff you may ask me and I will try to teach you, but I cannot guarantee you that I will have an answer ;)

Furthermore I rejected all social media like facebook, twitter and a lot of others because I did not feel any need of it and I did not want to give all my data away. I have a Facebook account now since about two years and it changed me a lot. I am not sure if in an positive or negative way. I got that account because I wanted to stay in contact with friends who were abroad or living in other cities, and yes it worked, but staying in contact via facebook is completely different from spending time together. Just some month ago I bought my first smartphone. My peers did not understand how I had been able to survive until then but anyhow it worked. I agree that social media and the Internet have a lot of advantages, like groups in which you can share documents without using mail or e-mail. This makes many processes much faster. But as the Video of Fartkid shows you definitely have to use them in the right way because nobody wants his or her future employer to find embarrassing photos or videos or even just comments and that was another reason why I did not want to be on facebook. I did not want anybody to find my Name on Google. The class yesterday just made me think about that this could be at least not bad at all, but then the result of typing in my name into the bar of a searching engine should look somehow positive. The problem is that it is not only me who can influence that result but as well other people, who maybe just post some bad things about me. What I became aware of is that i can influence my digital identity. There are just some questions I am wondering about : Do I really need this digital identity? And if I need it for example for my future career should I build it up for that certain purpose?
I am not able to answer these questions right now, but I am still not really convinced that I am in need for that identity visible for the public right now as a student. Because I refused using these platforms I don’t have that much experience with them, but I am sure there are some social media experts in our group who can improve our teamwork!

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3 comments on “Spidergram-confusion and social media
  1. Justin says:

    It sounds sincere.
    Your blog reflect on what probably think, probably including me, if I were to think about it.

    The fact is that your uncertainty and confusion are what makes this blogposting sincere. I, and probably many others agree on the question of the severity of the digital identity, and the inability not to control it.

    But just be you, people will be sure to cherish the digital you as much as I, we, cherish the biological you !

  2. Meggie says:

    Well it probably won’t be the last time that you feel you’ve been made to take a step back. We see a lot of students rushing into solutions. And we really think it is very important to take a step back, analyze the problem, ask why, do some research, ask why again, look at it from a different perspective ask why again, etcetera. And believe me, this is important.
    When I was working as an innovation project manager we did peer learning with our team. And the nr. 1 result of that was “make sure that you know what problem you are really solving”. I’ve seen quite a few projects ending up taking several months longer and costing thousands of euros more because halfway during the project new insights had to be incorporated.
    You seem to know what you want regarding your digital identity. Of course there are examples like flame fart kid, but don’t hesitate to experiment a little with tools!

    • Friederike says:

      Well I did not want to say that taking a step backwards is wrong I just realized that ist was one. I absolutly agree that this might be sometimes quite good to proof that the approach we made is the right one 🙂

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